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Ki Mobility Wheelchairs

Ki Mobility Wheelchairs

Ki Mobility is a specialize dedicated manufacturer of wheelchairs to assist client to mobile independently and make their daily activities easier. Range of Ki Mobility products including folding wheelchairs, rigid wheelchairs, pediatric wheelchairs and much more at affordable rates only at Medicaleshop!

Ki Mobility Folding Wheelchairs

Ki mobility folding wheelchairs frames have a stronger and lighter vibration dampening alloy with greater durability and high quality construction. The new cross brace for increased rigidity and durability and reclining backrest option to give you up to 4" of seat dump. Browse catalogue for Catalyst models available. Call us now for more questions.

Ki Mobility Rigid Wheelchairs

Rigid wheelchairs by Ki Mobility have highest quality of construction and fixed adjustment ensures that it can fit the needs and ambitions of the person using it. Rigid wheelchairs have hard anodized handrims which is resistant to scratching so they keep that "NEW" look longer. Shop for Ki mobility wheelchairs at special rates only at Medicaleshop.

Ki Mobility Tilt Wheelchairs

Focus CR tilt wheelchair from ki mobility has complex rotation system, secure, smart and power tilt for smooth easy and simple tilt. Ki mobility wheelchairs at special price. Have questions? Call us now.

Ki Mobility Youth Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs for young adults add style to users’ personality and offers ultimate performance. These wheelchairs have growth capabilities which grow with your child and are easy to transport, so no need to compromise fit, function, ride or style. Ki mobility wheelchairs on special price.

Axiom Wheelchair Cushions

Axiom wheelchair cushions are best in class and developed high-end quality materials and superior cover design with pre-contoured shapes. Axiom cushion covers are not only highly functional, but are attractive enough to complement any chair, regardless of color. Shop now at special price. Limited offer.