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Liko LiftPants model 92 walking sling

$268.00 to $298.00
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Services available:
resna certified assistive technology practitioner (ATP)

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Liko liftpant walking sling instruction guide

Liko LiftPants model 92 walking sling can be used for gait training while providing a sense of security to patients. LiftPants offers freedom of movement while relieving the burden of body weight. Liftpants provide the necessary support and allows patients to move on his or her own with confidence. The lift can take on all the weight - allowing both patient and caregiver simplifying standing, gait and balance training. LiftPants walking sling is ideal for patients with respiratory/upper torso problems and patients should also have a degree of torso and head stability. LiftPants are available in various sizes, according to different heights and body measurements- small, medium, large and extra- large.


  • Supports the weight in the crotch
  • Facilitates standing, gait and balance training
  • Enable raising with a natural pattern of movement
  • Ideal for patients with respiratory/upper torso problems
  • Made up of Net Polymide Nylon (fleeced lined) material

Sling use Disclaimer: Please note that we recommend only to use the recommended brand slings with your Patient lifts, we do not guarantee compatibility of other sling brands with your lift model.

"Hygiene" items are non-returnable for health reasons

Size User Weight User Height Maximum load
Small 44-110 lbs.47" - 63 "440 lbs.
Medium 110-187 lbs.63" - 71"440 lbs.
Large 154-264 lbs.67" - 79"440 lbs.
Extra Large 220-660 lbs.67" - 83"1100 lbs.
Small 3592324 Medium 3592325 Large 3592326 Extra Large 3592327
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  • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions apply for warranty of this product.
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  • Unfortunately hygiene items cannot be returned once opened, due to health concerns.
  • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions are applicable for return policy of this product.

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