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Liko Lifts

Liko Lifts

Liko Lifts are ideally designed for the individuals who are unable to stand and sit on their own. Liko is one of the well-known manufacturers of lifts and slings for a secure transfer from bed to chair or other similar resting places for the ones with limited mobility. Shop for the popular brand Liko lifts and Liko Slings at the online store of Medicaleshop.

Liko Patient Lifts

Patient lifts from Liko offers versatile designs different from every sit-to-stand lifts. These lifts assist users who have difficulty in standing up on their own and can be moved to a wheelchair or to a toilet; this gives them standing practice in connection with the transfer. For more information, please call us.

Liko Slings

Liko slings for lifts offers a great comfortable sitting posture and back support. Various slings are available which suits every lift model available and suiting user’s requirements. Browse for more slings option at special price only at Medicaleshop.