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Lumex Veriflex™ Shower Mat

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Lumex Veriflex™ shower mat has flexible shock absorbing design which helps to reduce the seriousness of injury as the result of a fall. Veriflex shower safety mat features slip-resistant top surface that helps to reduce the likelihood of patient or staff falls.


  • Air can flow freely so the mat can dry
  • Infused with nanosilver to limit bacterial and fungal growth
  • Design allows water to flow through and around the mat to the drain
  • Slip-resistant top surface helps to reduce the likelihood of patient or staff falls
  • Flexible shock absorbing design helps to reduce the seriousness of injury as the result of a fall
Lumex Veriflex™ shower mat
VRFLX543 Bathroom floor mat 35" x 35" 1 Each
VRFLX544 Bathroom floor mat 35" x 47" 1 Each
VRFLX545 Bathroom floor mat 47" x 47" 1 Each
VRFLX550 Shower mat 35" x 35" 1 Each
VRFLX440 Roll-in shower mat starter kit 11.75" 1 Each (12 sq)
VRFLX435 Shower mat starter kit 11.75" 1 Each (12 sq)
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