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Manual Transfer Aids

Manual Transfer Aids include assistive devices for manual transfers and repositioning of users as well as for mobility like sit-to-stand transition or gait training. To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, most assistive devices can be used in combination with one or several other manual transfer aids.

Transfer Boards

Transfer Boards assist users and caregivers in moving to and from the wheelchair to vehicle, bath or bed.

  • Lightweight, easy to use, clean, and durable.
  • Offer patient transfer with reduced strain and less patient risk.
  • Allow a comfortable environment under which a patient can carefully be moved.

Transfer/Sliding Aids

Transfer/Sliding Aids help keep both the patient and caregiver safe and protected during activities such as using the bathroom or a public restroom, getting into and out of a car, taking a bath or shower or moving into or out of a bed or wheelchair.

  • Offer ease of use and great comfort to the individual.
  • Reduce the risk of injury and assist in moving patients with minimum strain.

Belts for support

Supporting Belts are used to transfer people from one position to another or while ambulating people who have problems with balance.

  • Offer support and helps prevent a fall.
  • Help to reduce caregiver back injuries.
  • Provides assistants, therapists, and nurses a secure aid for walking and easy transfers.

Other Manual Transfer Aids

Other Manual Transfer Aids includes bathroom aids used to raise the position of the user's knees to enable an easier and safer transfer in a seated position.

  • Provide stability, additional support and safety.
  • Offer more stable and comfortable position to the user.
  • Can be used during visits to the toilet or when repositioning further back in a chair or wheelchair.