Medical Furnishings

Elevate freedom and independence with Medicaleshop's extensive range of Medical Furnishings crafted to enhance patient care, streamline workflows, and create a comfortable and efficient healthcare environment. From hospital bed accessories and examination chair and stools to patient room supplies, our comprehensive selection caters to the diverse needs of both patients and medical professionals. . Whether it's enhancing patient comfort, optimizing examination processes, or promoting efficient workflows, our furnishings stand as pillars of support in healthcare facilities.
Explore the distinctive categories within our Medical Furnishings collection, each tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

Hospital Beds Accessories:Bed support accessories, bed side rails, bed headboards and footboards includes bed extendor kit, bedside rails, floor stands for position change, blanket lift bars, cords for electric bed.

Patient Examination Chairs & Stools: Facilitate thorough patient examinations with our range medical recliner chair and its accessories that includes 3 position  medical recliner, actuator motor and patient stools.

Medical Examination Lightings and Utility carts: Efficiency in healthcare workflows is achieved through our medical carts and exam lamps for medical procedures.

Patient Room Supplies: Medicaleshop offers a range of items, including overbed tables or hospital bed tables, and privacy screens, to create a comfortable and welcoming space for patients and their families.

Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.