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Home Health Care Solutions

Home Health Care Solutions includes Woundcare, Incontinent Care, Compression Therapy, Orthopedic Braces, Ostomy Supplies, Respiratory Care and much more to ease day to day living needs, improve safety, comfort and mobility with hospital-quality products at affordable prices available for home delivery.

Anyone with an injury or illness under a physician’s care that has difficulty leaving the home to receive treatment can receive home health care.

Wound Care

We offer wound care solutions for all phases of acute, critical and chronic wounds, including abrasions, lacerations, rupture injuries, punctures, and penetrating wounds. Many wounds are superficial requiring local first aid including cleansing and dressing.

  • Tapes like medical tape, dressing retention tapes, waterproof & non water proof tapes.
  • General Wound Care products like Bandages, Wound Cleansers and Debriders, Dressing Retention Tapes etc.
  • Specialty Dressings & Woundcare Dressings like hydrocolloids, collagen, foam, alginate, hydrogel, compression, and film dressings.

Incontinence Care

Medicaleshop offers a wide selection of Incontinence Supplies at affordable prices for home delivery. Our Incontinence products are absorbent, discreet, and comfortable. From Pads and Liners, to Diapers, and Incontinence Care. Each of our products are available online for home delivery at the best prices.

  • Briefs & Diapers Briefs & Diapers are absorbent briefs which fit snugly using tape tabs for fastening. They are the most comprehensive, healthiest and environmentally friendly incontinence solution available today giving adults all the comfort and confidence needed when deciding upon daily activities.
  • Bed pads & underpads Bed pads & underpads are designed to draw moisture away from the body to prevent irritation. They use multiple layers to prevent wetness from spreading to chairs, beds etc.
  • Protective Underwear Protective Underwear are designed for use by individuals with moderate urinary incontinence. They contain specially designed ventilated panels to ensure breathability while maintaining dry and healthy skin.
  • Underwear & Pants Underwear & Pants offer the maximum protection, absorbency and reliability in a discreet way. They prevent leakages ensures long term dryness, which means client can get on with their life with complete confidence.
  • Liners & pads Liners & pads offer a high level of dignity and comfort and are ideal for wearers which are on a toileting program. They feature an ultra-absorbent core system which pulls fluid away from skin.
  • Incontinent Wipes Incontinent Wipes are thick, super strong and super soft, cotton enhanced cloths. They ensure a single, unfolded wipe dispenses each and every time for added convenience and less waste.

Compression Therapy

The concept of compression therapy lies on a simple and efficient mechanical principle: the application of an elastic garment around the leg. Depending on the pathology, medical compression therapy can be applied in different forms: socks, stockings, pantyhose or bandages.

  • Compression Stockings You wear compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. Compression stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your legs. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots.
  • Anti-Embolism Stockings Both men and women can benefit from our wide line of anti-embolism stockings and socks that deliver adequate pressure to improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and energize the legs. From our thigh-high compression stockings to our open-toe knee-high stockings for men and women

Orthopedic Braces

Orthopedic Braces and orthopedic splints protect, stabilize, support and correct injuries or abnormal alignment through the process of rehabilitation and recovery.

  • Wrist and Hand Braces that stabilize or support the hand, thumb or fingers are used to help an injured hand heal.
  • Elbow Braces provide warmth and support for less acute elbow injuries and following elbow surgery, reducing pain and swelling, speeding up the recovery process.
  • Ankle Braces are used to strengthen sprained, strained or injured lower legs. Many ankle supports come with antimicrobial and moisture wicking options.
  • Neck Braces can be used in the treatment of neck pain and related conditions.
  • Shoulder Braces offer shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion for dislocations.
  • Upper Body Support provides support to a stiff, strained or aching back and helps to promote proper back alignment.
  • Knee Braces ensure support and reassurance by providing external stability for the knee joint.
  • Calf and Thigh Braces increases muscle temperature giving the muscle more extensibility and therefore less likely to pull.
  • Cast Tapes are helpful for sports sprains, club foot treatments or removal splint treatments.

Ostomy Supplies

Ostomy supplies are most commonly associated with colostomies, ileostomies, and urostomies, in which a stoma or opening in the body is created to drain bodily wastes of urinary or fecal matter.

  • Ostomy Pouch Applications: These are products that attach to a stoma opening, are used for external waste elimination, or a space to accommodate or take the place of a section of the bowel.
  • Use Ostomy Care Accessories for keeping the ostomy pouch shut with a clamp, as a skin barrier using a wafer, and deodorizing any odors from the pouch with a spray.

Respiratory Care

Respiratory therapy is a healthcare profession in which specialists work with patients suffering from either acute or chronic respiratory problems.

  • Nebulizer Therapy is an effective and efficient way to deliver medications directly into the lungs by inhalation.
  • Suction Therapy equipment may be used when a patient cannot remove secretions, or requires assistance removing secretions, from the upper or lower airway.


Gloves are the norm whenever there is a procedure where sterility and cleanliness is needed. There are three main materials used for the creation of changing gloves: vinyl, latex, and nitrile.

  • Latex Gloves - handling hazardous substances and maximum stretch ability.
  • Vinyl Gloves - handling biohazardous material, as an alternate to latex in case of allergic reaction, and for a low cost, economy exam glove.
  • Nitrile Gloves - as an alternate to latex in case of allergic reaction, maximum strength and puncture resistance, a more breathable exam glove, and handling certain chemicals or medications.

Personal Care

Personal hygiene is an important health factor for all individuals, and is critical to maintain for those with disabilities, or the elderly. Available adaptive bathroom accessories include bathing systems, hand and feet care, hair care, mouth/oral care, and toileting care. These products provide assistance in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and at home.

Urological Supplies

Urological supplies are used to manage urinary/bladder functions, whether they are controlled or uncontrolled. These supplies provide you the security and confidence to manage your personal care independently.

Common urological supplies include intermittent and indwelling/Foley catheters, male external/condom catheters, leg/day collection bags, bed/night collection bags, extension tubing, leg bag straps, cleaners and deodorizers, and lubricant.

Dietary Supplements

A Dietary Supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Most supplements should be avoided, and usually people should not eat micronutrients except people with clearly shown deficiency.

Medical Devices

We offer Medical Devices which includes instrument, apparatus, appliance, software, material, or other article—whether used alone or in combination, including the software intended by its manufacturer to be used specifically for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

  • Medical devices vary according to their intended use and indications.
  • The design of medical devices constitutes a major segment of the field of mechanical engineering.
  • Examples range from simple devices such as tongue depressors, medical thermometers, and disposable gloves to advanced devices such as computers which assist in the conduct of medical testing, implants, and prostheses.