Enteral Nutrition

What is enteral nutrition? Enteral nutrition provides nutrients to your system through the GI tract. It's often referred to as tube feeding because it's used by those who have difficulty eating and swallowing food. Who needs enteral nutrition? An important part of caring for patients with severe medical conditions is ensuring they receive the proper amount of nutrition. Patients who require enteral nutrition include those with- gastrointestinal disease or injury, metabolic disorders, swallowing disorders, and problems with the absorption of food through the digestive tract. Enteral nutrition helps support proper healing and restore strength and energy when you may not be able to eat enough on your own. Shop on medicaleshop.com for all your nutrition supplements to live a healthy and happy life. Get exclusive deals and low prices on nutrition supplements from the most popular brands like Nutricia, Mead Johson, Abbott, Enfamil, Ensure, and many more.