I.V. Administration Sets

IV Administration Sets Delivers IV Fluids, medications, and nutrients into a patient's bloodstream. The sets typically include tubing, a bag or bottle of IV solution, a flow rate regulator, a catheter, a needle, a drip chamber, and a connector. The flow rate regulator allows for precise control of fluid delivery, and the drip chamber helps to monitor fluid flow. IV administration sets are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings for hydration, nutrition, and medication delivery. They are essential for effective and safe IV therapy and play a critical role in patient care and recovery.

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Smiths Medical Piggyback Administration Set without Check Valve, 20 drops/ml

Price : $260.11
List Price : $332.97
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Smiths Medical CADD Administration Set with Integral Anti-siphon Valve, 60" L

Price : $229.46
List Price : $293.25
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Smiths Medical CADD Administration Set, 60" L

Price : $262.77
List Price : $278.56
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B. Braun Vista Basic Pump Set, 102" L

Price : $203.79
List Price : $215.35
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Merit High Pressure Three Way Stopcock with Right Rotating Connector

Price : $263.61
List Price : $279.46
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