Partial Weight Bearing Walkers

Partial Weight Bearing Walkers is a practical piece of equipment that is designed to enhance patient’s independence and provide a stable and safer walking experience . The wide range of features offers the ability to exercise and strengthen all parts of a person’s body who is bound to a wheelchair. The light, dynamic, and partially weight-bearing support assists in the development of strength and balance while exercising. The partial weight-bearing walker focuses on increasing the patient’s independence by supporting transfers between sitting and standing positions. The partial weight-bearing walking with a walker allows for exercising the lower extremities with load control. Shop now from the top quality brands and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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Easy Walking Up n Go youth walker

  • Fits under most wheelchairs, typical home chairs, commodes and even beds
  • Gives the person continual support from sitting to standing who has limited strength
  • Hip extension exercise is possible by Up n' Go to achieve normal stride and balance
  • Supports lower extremities of users to enable them to stand with little or no assistance
Earn 2650 Points ($26.50)

Easy Walking Up n Go adult walker

  • Supports the weight up to 250 lbs for 4'6" - 6'4" tall users
  • Transferring from a sitting to a standing position with assistance and support
  • Throughout sitting, standing, and walking, the client is continuously supported
  • Hand-free steering and support allows for load-controlled exercise of the lower extremities
Earn 2650 Points ($26.50)

Easy Walking Up n Go bariatric walker

  • Designed for heavy duty clients weighing up to 400 lbs. with 4'6" to 6'4" height
  • Enables a greater range of motion in the hips, knees, and ankles for improved gait
  • Mobility unit is light weight but super strong that provides a stable frame and lifting force for the suspension unit
  • Up n' Go partially stabilizes and supports the user, allowing the caregiver to concentrate on teaching good trunk positioning
Earn 4450 Points ($44.50)

Kaye Suspension Walker

  • Available in two sizes, fitting toddlers through adults
  • Supports the person as they are walking with full or partial weight bearing
  • To make using it as a walker on flat, open terrain easier, it has swivel casters with directional locks
  • Utilizes a manually driven winch to assist with lifting and lowering the user and adjusting the amount of weight placed on the user's legs
Earn 1461 Points ($14.60)

Kaye Suspension Walker Harness

  • Fit between the legs like pants and buckle up each side
  • Harness comfortably holds clients while using kaye suspension walker
  • Three parts make up the models 9820-Small and 9821-Medium Slim: a body vest, four compression straps, and four strap pads
  • A body vest, four compression straps, four strap pads, and two thigh cuffs are the four parts of models 9822-Medium and 9824-Large
Earn 346 Points ($3.50)
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