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Molift RgoSling Amputee padded mediumback

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Services available:
resna certified assistive technology practitioner (ATP)

Molift RgoSling Amputee padded mediumback offers extra safety with the built-in waist belt. RgoSling Amputee padded mediumback includes anatomical cut and padding that offers exceptional support through the entire hoist and transfer situation. Molift RgoSling amputee mediumback provides the additional support necessary for hoisting and transferring users with impaired muscle tone or amputated limbs. Molift amputee padded mediumback sling comes with leg parts which are divided and have extra length for application under both legs. RgoSling amputee also features additional straps to avoid the legs from sliding out of position. RgoSling amputee mediumback can be used for hoisting to and from horizontal and sitting positions.

  • Belt: Molift RgoSling amputee has a belt for comfort and safety
  • Pocket in the back: Pocket in the back facilitates the placement of the sling
  • Anti-slip: For greater safety, anti-slip protection is provided on the inside of RgoSling amputee
  • Flip up labeling system: Clear and visible information for the everyday need. Maintenance information flipped up behind the main label
  • Smaller opening: Opening around the buttocks is smaller than the standard version sling to prevent users from slipping down in the sling
  • Extra trunk support: Waist belt with double belt-buckles and anti-slip material on the inside, provides extra trunk support for users with reduced muscle tone and stability





Weight capacity
inchcms inchcms inchcms inchcms
XX small17442256307771826 - 37 lbs.
X small20512461348682037 - 55 lbs.
Small225726663897112755 - 110 lbs.
Medium2462307641105133299 - 210 lbs.
Large25643590491251640198 - 353 lbs.
X large276841103541362052353 - 529 lbs.
XX large276847119581472666507 - 660 lbs.
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