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Molift patient lifts are designed to give caregivers the best support and an optimal working environment and facilitates moving and handling while reducing the need to do heavy manual handling and lifting. Molift products provide residents with safe, efficient and comfortable transfer solutions.

Molift Power Patient Lift

Molift mobile patient lift offers an optimal working environment by reducing the need of heavy manual handling and lifting. This promotes a healthy environment for both user and their caregivers. Browse our catalogue for more lift from Molift and call now for more questions.

Molift Stand-Up Patient Lift

Stand-up patient lift models have exceptional lifting capacity with stability and easy to maneuver. These models have unique wheel position with extraordinary weight distribution of the base provides a small turning radius and easy maneuverability even in very narrow spaces. Have more questions? Please call us.

Molift RgoSling

RgoSling have various options to choose from. RgoSling has an anatomical shape and a fitted cut with fixed padding both in the back and leg parts. Slings requirement for every available lift is there. Browse for all the options available. For more questions, please call us.