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Inspired by the clinicians, caregivers and residents, Accora manufactures special low beds and mattresses that helps to decrease the risk of falls and associated injuries, and facilitate safe, independent and functional mobility. These assistive equipments are designed to be used in care facilities and home environment for people who need to relieve from parkinson's, painful lying, body aches and other similar diseases.

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Accora FloorBed 1

Price : $2,359.00
List Price : $2,620.00
Earn 2359 Points

Accora FloorBed 1 Plus

Price : $2,659.00
List Price : $3,163.33
Earn 2659 Points

Accora Configura Advance Comfort Chair

Price : $3,685.05
List Price : $4,761.67
Earn 3685 Points

Accora High Safety Fall Mat

Price : $549.49
List Price : $553.33
Earn 549 Points