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Jenx is the worldwide manufacturer of standers and multi positioning chairs for children. Jenx standers and chairs are used for daily activities and therapeutic benefits helping children with special postural support needs. Buy jenx standers at lowest rates. Buy now!

8 Products

Jenx multistander

$2,458.00 $2,809.00

in stock

Jenx bee seating system

$1,398.00 $1,598.00

in stock

Jenx monkey stander

$2,628.50 $3,004.00

in stock

Jenx Junior seating system

$5,191.00 $5,933.00

Jenx Standz supine stander

$3,517.00 $4,019.00

Jenx Standz prone stander

$3,312.00 $3,785.00