Leckey Standers

Leckey Standers designed ideally for children with limited mobility to fulfill their standing needs and other therapeutic benefits. Medicaleshop holds Leckey standers including Leckey Mygo Stander, Squiggles Stander, Horizon Stander and much more at unbeatable rates only at the online store of Medicaleshop.

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Leckey MyWay stander

$2,628.00 $3,488.00

Leckey totstander

$759.00 $1,103.00

in stock

Leckey freestander

$1,607.00 $2,442.00

in stock

Leckey pronestander

$1,845.00 $2,809.00

in stock

Leckey mygo stander

$2,763.00 $4,226.00

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Leckey horizon stander

$1,786.00 $2,348.00

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