OBSS Vinyl Covered Seat and Back Cushions

Custom-carved to fit and made to last, the OBSS seat and back cushions with vinyl covering are a strong solution for incontinent patients and patients living in Long Term Care settings.

Vinyl Covering for OBSS Seat and Back Cushions

Developed in collaboration with Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, a national leader in clinical solutions for disabled children and adults, the vinyl covered OBSS seat cushions and backs are processed with industry-leading accuracy and delivery times. The moisture repellant vinyl covers are extremely easy to clean and maintain; the cushions are simply wiped clean, minimizing caregiver time and limiting the amount of time the patient is out of their seating system. Besides the fact that there are no covers to wash, the vinyl covering is durable and difficult for the impaired patient to damage, and the foam cushion will not degrade due to spills or incontinence.

Rehab specialists and clinicians who are certified to fit OBSS cushions can offer this seat covering option now to their Long Term Care referral sources and other patients.

Vinyl covering is available in three colors:
Royal Blue

Fabrication requirements when specifying vinyl covering:

  • Mounting material is plywood.
  • Cushion laterals must be reinforced.
  • Abduction pommel with a height above 4" cannot be guaranteed.
  • Vinyl-covered seat or back will include a trial fit before the definitive cushion is fabricated.


OBSS Fitting Base System

The Otto Bock fitting system is the industry's most easily transportable base that allows you to mold a client anywhere. No outlets needed.

  • Tilt-in-space capability
  • Adjustable footrests and armrests
  • Vacuum bags made of stretchable material that resist breaking
  • Low cost manual pump that is quiet and requires no electricity
  • Fitting base on wheels that is lightweight and easily transported
  • Open slats in back allow you to mold the bags as per your need

Finishing Options

You have the choice of three options on how you want your custom cushions finished for your client.

  • Finished – the cushion is sprayed with a moisture resistant covering, a removable cover is sewn for the client, and a sewing pattern is included. The cushion is sent completely ready for the client to use.
  • Trial Fit – the cushion sent back to you before it is spray coated, so you can re-fit the client one more time in the cushion to make sure it meets perfectly the seating and positioning needs of your client. You can make adjustments to the cushion, or mark areas where slight changes need to be made. The cushion is then sent back to Otto Bock to be adjusted and it is sprayed with the final finishing coat, and sent back to you ready for the client to use.
  • Unfinished – the cushion is sent to you as a foam shape only, and is not returned to Otto Bock for finishing

  • For more information regarding our OBSS custom contoured cushions please contact our Customer Service Support Representative at 845.569.1250 (N.Y.) or 860.210.1313 (C.T.).



Every OBSS custom cushion order received at Otto Bock’s Fabrication Center is handled with individual care and reviewed at every step to guarantee quality and accuracy.

As an OBSS custom cushion partner, you have a dedicated Customer Service Support Representative to assist you with job quotes, status updates and anything else.

The client’s file is read and replicated with our unique 5-axis digital carver. The carver replicates all the intricate shapes you captured, including challenging requirements like wrap around lateral thoracic supports.

Following carving, our team of skilled individuals performs the finishing work, such as the insertion of a low density “Soft Spot" for high risk areas, or reinforcement in the thoracic lateral supports. T-nuts can also be uniquely configured to support mounting hardware or positioning accessories you choose.