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Wheelchairs for Kids

Kids Wheelchairs are designed to optimally promote and support the special needs child. They offer a complete seating and positioning system and most of them are adjustable to growth with a child. These wheelchairs have easy to operate design which makes them the perfect choice for the user and their caregivers.

Who Needs a Wheelchair?
What does a wheelchair do?

At the first day of school, many kids would be a little nervous since they think how other’s would react seeing their wheelchair. But communicating helps. Wheelchairs are just a good way of getting around if a person has trouble walking. Unlike old-fashioned black & white movie chairs and heavy to use, today’s wheelchairs are lighter, faster and easier to use. They also include safety features such as automatic brakes and anti-tipping devices.

Power wheelchairs have many advantages for kids who need them. Electronic controllers can help a kid who uses a wheelchair drive smoothly, brake easily, and make the wheelchair move with the touch of a hand. Some hand controllers look like a joystick used to play video games and are easy to operate.

Manual wheelchairs are less a category of wheelchair and more of a size group. Pediatric wheelchairs come in the same folder, rigid, reclining and tilting models that adult models do but are just smaller overall. Pediatric wheelchairs do differ from their adult counterparts is in their adjustability. Children, unlike adults, tend to grow and wheelchairs designed for them are designed to grow along with them, to a point. In fact, some manufacturers offer the parts necessary to grow a child’s wheelchair larger for free the first time they are needed after the original purchase.

Medicaleshop carries clinically approved power wheelchairs like Permobil K300, Permobil M300 and manual wheelchairs like Ki Mobility Little Wave Flip, Ottobock Discovery Tmax and a lot more at special prices. Call us now!