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Permobil Explorer Mini Power Mobility Device

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Permobil Explorer Mini power mobility device is designed to facilitate self-initiated movement, support development and early exploration for young children 12 - 36 months of age with mobility impairments. Explorer Mini ergonomic device with multiple weight bearing surfaces helps in promoting stable, safe upright postures while providing opportunities to improve endurance, strength and postural control.

Maximize Early Learning:

Permobil Explorer Mini is designed to aid in the achievement of early childhood milestones and also developmentally inspired power mobility device by encouraging self-initiated movement for children with mobility impairments.

Developmentally Inspired Seating:

Explorer Mini mobility device is designed with intuitive design that features integrated table and backrest which gives freedom of movement with better comfort and support. Explorer Mini also offers the adjustable saddle seat which supports hip development and facilitates functional sitting or can be removed for incremental standing activities.

Exploration Made Easy:

Explorer Mini by Permobil is easy to transport, lightweight power mobility device which supports development and encourages self-initiated exploration. With its above features, families can take the mobility device wherever they go and allows their child with mobility impairments the opportunity to explore and learn in home and community environments.

Supporting On-Time Development:

Permobil Exloprer Mini comes with bright yellow ball midline proportional joystick handle which helps to promote reaching, visual development, release and grasp and use of bilateral upper extremities while providing multiple sensory input experiences for early childhood with mobility impairments.

Permobil Explorer Mini Features:

Adjustable Column

  • Alter height taps into vestibular system
  • Supports growth with tool-free height adjustment
  • Adjustable support for standing position or safe seated
  • Adjustable seat height for exploration and peer interaction
  • Supports changing positioning for incremental standing and activities

Saddle Seat

  • Promotes anterior pelvic tilt through gentle slope
  • Facilitates independent standing through removable seat
  • Positions knees in slight abduction that supports hip development
  • Allows forward/backward rocking to facilitate anterior to posterior development

Midline Joystick

  • Encourages hands and eyes coming to midline
  • Promotes bilateral upper extremity extremities
  • Handle promotes visual, oral exploration and reaching
  • Small yellow ball-shaped handle is within visual fixation range for young children
  • Promotes contact to volar (palm of hand) aspect of hand which leads to grasp and release and haptic perception which is recognizing objects through touch

Upper Extremity Weight-Bearing Surface

  • Aids in development of spinal curves
  • proprioceptive input develops body awareness
  • Supports respiratory function by helping to open rib cage
  • Weight bearing on elbows helps promotes head and trunk control

Key Early Developmental Milestones:

  • They lie on their tummy, prop up on forearms, hold their head up and start to fix their eyes on objects nearby.
  • They begin to sit up and they stretch out with their hands to find objects within reach.
  • When successful at finding and manipulating items in reach they begin noticing items beyond their reach
  • They reach beyond themselves until they fall on outstretched arms
  • They begin to crawl to reach objects. This strengthens their arms and legs to prepare for standing and later walking.
Permobil Explorer Mini Power Mobility Device
Height Minimum: 28.7"
Maximum: 36.6"
9 steps at 1" each
Overall height in standing position 36"
Stowage height in standing position 28.4"
Width, including overall width in standing position 19.3"
Length 25"
Full overall length in standing position 25.2"
Weight including batteries 52 lbs.
Weight of seat, heaviest removable part 2 lbs.
Minimum transportation height 29.3"
Minimum transportation width 19.3"
Minimum transportation length 25"
Column width 2"
Table width 17.3"
Table length 20.1"
Table depth 9.4"
Distance from table to base module (footrest) Minimum: 14.2"
Maximum: 22"
9 steps at 1" each
Distance from table to backrest 6.1"
Distance between armrests 9.8"
Distance from armrest to seat 8.1"
Seat width 7.5"
Seat depth 8.7"
Seat plane angle -4.7°
Height from seat to floor Minimum: 12.1"
Maximum: 21.7"
9 steps at 1" each and 4 steps at 0.6" each
Distance from footrest to seat 6.3" - 15.5"
Leg to seat surface angle 34.5° - 155°
Backrest angle 2.3°
Backrest height 15.7"
Drive wheel dimensions Width: 2"
Outside diameter: 6"
Caster wheel dimensions Width: 1.2"
Outside diameter: 3"

Permobil warrants this product against defects in material & workmanship according to the schedule below:

    Six (6) Months Limited Warranty
  • Permobil warrants this product under proper use, maintenance and care according to the owner's manual, warnings and instructions accompanying the product.
  • Warranty includes following specific exceptions - Batteries are covered by a separate warranty provided by the battery manufacturer.

The warranty set forth herein is subject to all terms set forth herein below:

Commencement of Warranty period:

The Warranty shall begin on the date the product is first delivered to the customer, or forty (40) days from the date the product is shipped to the provider or customer by Permobil, whichever comes first.

Repair or replacement:

For warranty service, customers must contact the provider from whom the product was purchased. In the event of a defect in material or workmanship, the provider must obtain a return authorization (RA) number from Permobil and the product must be shipped to a service center designated by Permobil. Permobil will repair or, at Permobil’s option, replace any product covered by the Warranty, subject to the terms set forth herein. See the below warranty covering spare or replacement parts used in any of the above-listed Permobil wheelchair.

If you do not receive satisfactory warranty service or you cannot locate the provider from whom the product was purchased, please call us for specific details. Do not return products to Permobil without Permobil’s prior written consent. Returns must be shipped with freight pre-paid. Permobil recommends that you insure the product for its full replacement cost when shipping.

Spare & replacement parts warranty:

Permobil warrants any spare parts for use in above-listed Permobil wheelchair, and any replacement parts used in a repair performed by an authorized Permobil provider, to be free from defects for a period of 90-days under proper use, maintenance and care according to the owner’s manual, warnings and instructions accompanying the product. The warranty covering spare or replacement parts shall begin on the date the spare or replacement part is first shipped to the customer, or the date the part is incorporated into the product by an authorized Permobil provider, whichever comes first.

Disclaimer & limitations of remedies:

  • The Warranty is made in lieu of and supersedes all other warranties or conditions, whether express, implied, collateral, statutory, common law, the Uniform Commercial Code or otherwise, of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or general use.
  • The Warranty covers parts only. Labor, service calls, shipping costs and other charges incurred for the repair of the product are not included in the Warranty, unless specifically authorized by Permobil.
  • The Warranty is effective only if the product is purchased from an authorized Permobil provider. The Warranty is available only to the initial purchaser of the product from an authorized Permobil provider.
  • Parts subject to “normal wear and tear,” including but not limited to cushions, pads, upholstery, tires and tubes, brake pads, fuses, bulbs, and grips, are not covered in the Warranty except as it applies to defects in material or construction of those parts.
  • The Warranty will be void if the original Permobil serial number tag on the product has been removed, altered or defaced.
  • The following is not intended to limit the application of any relevant consumer protection laws. In no event shall Permobil be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, remote, punitive, exemplary or specific damages resulting from any defect in this product. These include but are not limited to any damages in the form of lost profits, loss of use, legal fees, economic loss, personal injuries, or any other damages caused by circumstances beyond the control of Permobil. In no event shall damages for breach of any warranty exceed the original cost of the product.
  • The use or installation of non-Permobil issued equipment or parts, or the repair or replacement of parts by anyone other than an authorized Permobil provider, may void the Warranty.
  • The Warranty is contingent upon the proper use, maintenance and care of the product. The Warranty may be void if the product has been used in a manner contradictory or in violation of the terms of the owner’s manual, warnings or instructions accompanying the product, including but not limited to exceeding the maximum weight limit of the product, or using the product with tie downs or locking, clamping, or other restraint systems. The Warranty may also be void if the product has been repaired or any part replaced by persons other than Permobil or an authorized Permobil provider.
  • The addition of equipment or features to the product that are not manufactured or recommended by Permobil could affect the intended function of the Permobil product, and therefore may void the Warranty.
  • Permobil cannot guarantee the continued performance or safety of the product if it is subject to acts of God or Nature, including but not limited to water, floods, wind, tornado, earthquake or fire, or involved in automobile accidents or extraordinary impact events, such as dropping or crushing. Such extraordinary events to products covered by this Warranty may create considerable damage that may be imperceptible to an inspection. Any damages caused by these types of events are not covered by the Warranty.
  • The exclusion and limitations to the Warranty apply to the maximum extent permitted by law and unless restricted or prohibited by law. The laws of your jurisdiction may restrict or prohibit some of the restrictions in the Warranty, in which case such restrictions do not apply to you. Where any term of this Warranty is prohibited by applicable law, it shall be null and void, but the remainder of this Warranty shall remain in effect.
  • Amendments: No person is authorized to alter, extend or waive the Warranty of Permobil.

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