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Platform Lifts

Platform lifts allow access into a vehicle, as well as the ability to go up and down a flight of stairs. These lifts can be battery operated or electric. The platform lift will raise a person up into the place they would like to be, whether it is up the stairs or into a vehicle.

Platform Lifts

  • Platform Lifts can be battery operated or electric and the main purpose is to give disabled people a sense of independence.
  • Allows an individual in a wheelchair to be elevated or lowered between floor levels without having to leave his/her wheelchair.
  • Aid and assists people with disabilities and allows access into a vehicle, as well as the ability to go up and down a flight of stairs.
  • Offers wheelchair-confined individuals a better way in to and out of their homes, since they can be raised from the ground up to their elevated (or with steps) front porches.
  • In schools or similar institutions, platform lifts are installed to give access to physically handicapped students, faculty and staff, and visitors to enter an auditorium stage or other elevated platforms.

Types of platform lifts

    Vertical platform lift-
  • Vertical wheelchair can be used in different locations.
  • Vertical platform lift has a flat surface which acts like a drawbridge.
  • Allow users in wheelchairs, scooters and another user to ride up together on the unit.
  • It can usually lift larger and heavier loads and works on both pavement and curbs.
  • Inclined platform lift-
  • This lift is similar to an escalator.
  • The user is able to drive their wheelchair or scooter directly onto a platform, which is then raised vertically to another level of the home.

Models of platform lifts

  • Opal model- This model is similar to the enclosed model, but features an open ceiling.
  • Shaft way model- With this type of wheelchair model, one can easily access narrow stairways.
  • Stage model- This model is regularly used for shorter height situations such as those found on a stage.
  • Enclosed model- With this particular wheelchair lift model, the chair as well as the occupant can remain on a platform with walls enclosing them as they move up and down.