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Populas Furniture

Populas Furniture

Populas furniture manufactures good-looking and durable adjustable ergonomic tables, desks, and other furniture. Populas manufactures desks, tables, computer workstations, therapy tables and workbenches provides good positioning and support to users.

Accella Table Series

The Accella Series offers our smoothest hand-crank adjustment, with the highest weight-lifting capacity, sit-to-stand functionality and a discreet fold-away crank. Lowest price guarantee on accella tables from populas furniture.

Equity Table Series

Equity series from populas furniture has starting height as low as 24” inches with a clean modern look, smooth hand-crank adjustment, and many shapes and sizes of work surfaces. These are best for young population at college, corporate or public sector environment, meets ADA requirements and offer maximum knee space. Lowest price guarantee on accella tables from populas furniture.

Infinity Table Series

Power operated tables bring the desirable convenience of adjustment to everyone. Each of these power operated tables has high weight-lifting capacity and impressive durability for users of all sizes in every industry. Shop for populas furniture table series at lowest price.

Knob Adjusted Table

Knob adjustable tables are made simple, affordable and convenient for everyone. These tables are easy to adjust without any help. Its custom designed extruded metal columns provide precision movement, taking out the wobble and inexact alignment that plagues cheaply made knob-adjusted tables.

Progression Table Series

Progression tables help improving interface between the therapist and the client with a clean and never clunky design, so the procedures are performed easily like hand therapy, restorative therapy and powder therapy. Lifetime warranty on progression tables from Populas.

Vox Table Series

Vox table series from populas furniture features an extra-low and extra-high range of adjustment, sleek design and durability. These tables meet ADA standards and delivers sit-to-stand workstyle benefits for the masses: perfect work height for people of all sizes in every industry.