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Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs are also called electric wheelchairs and are often a more appropriate option for those who are physically incapable to self-propel a manual wheelchair. These wheelchairs combine function and luxury for a unique driving experience. They are designed for high-performance and great manoeuvrability for both indoor and outdoor use.

Power Wheelchair Buyer's Guide.

Permobil Wheelchairs

Permobil wheelchairs are the highest quality power wheelchairs with durability, maneuverability and style. Permobil wheelchairs are custom made with custom seating system to suit each user’s needs. These wheelchairs lead in quality, performance, safety and function – all to provide our community of users with the best possible compensation for their disabilities.

Standing Power Wheelchairs

Stand up wheelchairs enables wheelchair user to stand and reach a little bit further by standing a little longer and get more out of everyday life. These standing wheelchairs are reliable, lightweight and easy to transport leading to greater opportunities in sense of freedom and control. They help in eliminating unnecessary lifting and improve circulation, digestion, bone development, and pressure management.

Tilt/Recline Power Wheelchairs

Reclining power wheelchair has greater maneuverability and offer maximum stability for all time performance. They help increasing function, comfort and independence. They also improve postural alignment, torso stabilization and relief pressure at the point of contact. These wheelchairs enable independent weight shifts and transfers without assistance and encourage better respiration, circulation and digestion.

Standard Power Wheelchairs

Standard power wheelchairs allow user to easily propel without getting tired and exerting their upper extremity. These powerful wheelchairs can load up to 450 lbs and customize accordingly. They have excellent stability and maneuverability for greater performance both indoor and outdoor.

Portable Power Wheelchairs

Folding power wheelchairs are designed to fold up into a small space and are easy to transfer in and out of car's trunk. These versatile power chairs have excellent maneuverability, portability, maneuverability and style, which make it perfect for travel and home use.

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Heavy duty power wheelchair enables heavy weight users to move independently with little stamina and strength. These power chairs are durable and can hold up to 650 lbs. Custom-made power wheelchairs have right mobility outfit and makes daily life effortless and secure for an extended period of time.

All Terrain Power Wheelchairs

All terrain power wheelchairs have excellent stability compact with great off-road capability. They are made to tackle deep mud, dry sand, snow, undergrowth, rocks and loose surfaces. There superior off road capabilities offer smooth ride due to low pressure tyres and large batteries allow longer distance.

Power Wheelchair Accessories

Power Wheelchair Accessories are the power chair accessory items which enhance the quality of life of the user. Power Wheelchair Accessories includes devices like: batteries, charging adapter, trays, joystick handles, joystick mounts and many more.