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R82 Stingray tilt seating system with Trekker mobility base

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R82 Stingray tilt seating system with trekker mobility base with stylish colors and a futuristic design making it the obvious choice for any child. The carbon frame with its trendsetting design encourages any family to go out together. Stingray is in a league of its own. Adjustments, comfort and lightness of steering are keywords for this wheelchair. Stingray enables the fantastic new function with its 180° turnable seat - even with a child seated. In this seat the child is always comfortably seated, whilst the various angle adjustments makes it easy to find exactly the position your child needs. Stingray has supreme driving properties, fantastic suspension and with the safe and stable brakes, security always has pride of place.

Perfect seating position

Tilt in space: Tilt in space maintains the angle in the hips and gives the child a chance to rest and relax. Children not having sufficient head control will benefit from a little backward tilt. Changing tilt in space will also relieve the pressure on the buttock and spine, so sitting for a longer period of time will be comfortable with the help of various seating positions.

Back recline upto 170°: Back recline changes the angle in the hips. For some children with spasticity it will be preferable to keep a fixed angle over the hips to decrease the spastic element and only use the tilt in space, but for other children it is very relaxing to lay down flat. In this position the child can take a nap if needed.

180° turnable seat: Revolutionary function with a 180° turnable seat unit - even with the child seated. It is always important to be in contact with the child. Depending on the situation the child can either see the parent and communicate or follow the surroundings in the driving direction. Stingray offers a comfortable position which is easy to achieve through 180° turn even with the child in the seat.

Postural support and stability: Stingray seat unit comes with foot support - Postural support and stability a minimum support to affect the position of the pelvis and in that way the abdominal muscles. It is important to ensure an optimum postural support for the individual needs. A little extra support by creating a stable base in the seating position gives the child the freedom to move.

Easy & safe transportation: Stingray is folded quickly and fits into almost any car. Fold the seat and frame units separately or together and pack them into your car. Stingray is furthermore approved for transportation of 88 lbs. user weight in vehicles.


  • Stingray seat size 1 only
  • Trekker frame - Transit Ready (TR)
  • 180° reversible seating configuration
  • Single foot activated wheel lock bar
  • One piece height adjustable push handle (Inside mount)
  • Quick release rear wheels
  • Tilt-in-space (-10° to +45°)
  • Transit option - Transit Ready frame only
  • 7½" x 2" Front and 11½" x 2½" Rear solid tires
R82 Stingray Tilt Seating System
Seat size 1
Seat width 6.25 - 11.75”
Seat depth 7-11.75”
Back height 16-21.5”
Seat width, folded 16.5"
Seat length, folded 22.5"
Seat height, folded 11"
Lower leg length 5.5-17.5”
Leg rest angling -30° -> 30°
Back recline 170°
Weight, seat 12 lbs.
Max. user weight/ load, seat 88 lbs.
Max. user weight/load, transportation 88 lbs.
Trekker Frame
Frame size 14"
Folded length 39"
Folded width 26"
Folded height 13.5"
Push handle adjustments 29" - 43"
Weight of frame 25 lbs.
Overall height 37.5"
Overall length 42.5"
Overall width 26"
Weight capacity regular/transit 110 lbs.

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