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EZ Access

EZ Access provides a foremost solution for home and commercial accessibility thru modular ramp system. The products featured include Suitcase Ramp, Trifold Ramp, Threshold Ramp to name a few. EZ Access ramps are available at unbeatable prices at Medicaleshop.
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EZ Access Advantage Series Suitcase Ramp

EZ Access advantage series suitcase singlefold ramp features flexible and non-breakable handles to carry the ramp easily wherever you may go.
Earn 146 Points ($1.50)

EZ Access Signature Series Suitcase Singlefold Ramp

EZ-Access suitcase singlefold ramp is ideal for scooters and wheelchairs being lightweight, easy to carry and sets up quickly for use.
Earn 130 Points ($1.30)

EZ Access Transitions Angled Entry Mat

    EZ Access transitions angled entry mat can assist in removing tripping hazards and unsafe barriers by providing a little inclination into the house.
    Earn 130 Points ($1.30)

    EZ Access Transitions Angled Entry Ramp

    EZ Access transitions angled entry ramp features adjustable legs with swivel feet that allows for approximately 2" of vertical adjustments.
    Earn 103 Points ($1.00)

    EZ Access Suitcase Trifold Advantage Series Ramp

    EZ Access suitcase trifold ramp features a 3-fold design that allows for ultimate portability when longer ramp lengths are needed.
    Earn 325 Points ($3.30)

    EZ Access Transitions Modular Entry Mat

    Earn 188 Points ($1.90)

    EZ Access Transitions Aluminum Modular Entry Threshold Ramp

      EZ Access transitions modular entry threshold ramp is made with high-strength aluminum that will never rust or corrode.
      Earn 49 Points ($0.50)

      EZ Access Transitions Angled Entry Plate

        EZ Access transitions angled entry plate is easy to install in minutes and features a superior applied tread for high traction.
        Earn 69 Points ($0.70)

        EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Basin

          EZ-shampoo hair washing basin is comfortable and convenient, provides secure, form-fitting support that cushions the head & shoulders of the client.
          Earn 29 Points ($0.30)

          EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray

            For convenient shampooing while seated, the EZ-Shampoo tray is curved to accommodate the neck securely and rest on the client's shoulders.
            Earn 24 Points ($0.20)

            EZ-Shower Bedside Shower

              Earn 22 Points ($0.20)

              EZ-Bathe Body Washing Basin

              EZ-bathe body washing basin is easy to unroll and inflate, accommodates individuals up to 6'2" and fits on standard and hospital beds.
              Earn 339 Points ($3.40)
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              Select up to 4 items to compare.