Kaye Standers

Kaye Standers offer positioning for users who do not have adequate balance to stand independently and who need lower body support to attain alignment while standing. They are ideal for children with cerebral palsy or other disabilities which make standing unaided difficult. Shop now at special rate!
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Kaye Dynamic Special Needs Activity Stander

  • A spring loaded crank adjusts the movement of a stander
  • Clients are able to improve postural control with functional activities
  • Allows 360° movement while client is safely aligned in standing position
  • Movement in standing appears to promote better circulation in the feet and legs
Earn 2561 Points ($25.60)

Kaye Small Vertical Stander

  • Retractable base to allow for closer access to counters
  • Designed to help children from 18 months to 9 years of age
  • Helps unstable users maintain a straight posture while standing up
  • Appropriate for people who lack the balance necessary for independent standing
Earn 902 Points ($9.00)
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