Kaye Therapeutic Equipments

Kaye Pediatric Therapy and Special Needs products like pediatric tilting tables, my red walker, walker wagon, ball and roll holder, balance poles for special needs children. Shop for Pediatric Therapy Products at lowest price!
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Kaye Ball & Roll Holder with Mounting Hardware

    Kaye Ball & Roll Holder with Mounting Hardware for therapy of special needs kids and adults to open up tightened muscles and increase flexibility.
    Earn 80 Points ($0.80)

    Kaye Therapy Bolster Stands in Pair

    • The bolsters are covered with washable vinyl
    • Designed to be used in therapy by infants and children
    • For those who need to develop balance and posture control
    • Bolsters increases when they are combined with Bolster Stands
    Earn 193 Points ($1.90)

    Kaye Nesting Therapy Bench

    • Set of four nesting benches nest for compact storage
    • Made of solid, durable wood to stand up to rough and tumble use
    • Smooth surfaces facilitate movement in sitting, crawling, or stair climbing
    • The largest two benches are suitable as seating surfaces and the smallest bench can be used as a foot support
    Earn 488 Points ($4.90)

    Kaye Scoot-About

    • Mobile sitting and exercise device
    • Water-resistant upholstery facilitates sanitation
    • Adjustable seat height allows for a customizable user experience
    • Can be used in sitting, prone and supine positions by the children
    Earn 317 Points ($3.20)

    Kaye Walker Wagon for Early Age Group

    • For children from 1 to 4 years
    • Designed to provide stable support for early walking
    • Provides support and stability for children with hypotonia
    • Storage space for things or toys in the forward compartment
    Earn 247 Points ($2.50)

    Kaye Step-Up Portable Small 4" Step

      Kaye Step-Up Portable Small 4" Step designed for the special needs kids for their therapy sessions and learning to walk in the beginning.
      Earn 97 Points ($1.00)

      Kaye Play Frame

        Earn 72 Points ($0.70)

        Kaye Therapy Bolster for Special Needs Kids

        Kaye Therapy Bolster
        Earn 203 Points ($2.00)
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