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At Medicaleshop, we are proud to introduce you to the Ormesa brand that stands as a beacon of excellence for the special needs community. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with unique mobility challenges, Ormesa has emerged as a top-tier provider of innovative solutions that empower independence, mobility, and inclusion. Top-quality products that are chosen for every special education class for the safety & comfort of the children: the Grillo Gait Trainer embodies Ormesa's dedication to enabling mobility, Ormesa's Juditta Tilt Wheelchair redefines comfort and functionality, upright positioning, Ormesa's Dondolino Adaptive Standers.
18 Products

Ormesa Grillo Anterior/Posterior Gait Trainer

  • Grillo by Ormesa is a support walker for adults and children
  • Ideal solution for those who have little space at home or need to travel
  • Anatomical supports can be adjusted, installed and removed quickly, without requiring tools
Earn 2910 Points ($29.10)

Ormesa Juditta Tilt Manual Wheelchair

Ormesa Juditta is a tilting and reclining wheelchair that relieves pain on the hips and lower back by evenly distributing the user's weight across the seat and backrest.

Ormesa Juditta comes standard with:

Frame (either 14", 16", 18" or 20"), Manual Legrests, Headrest with hardware, Choice of Upholstery, Armpads, Tie down hooks, Either 12" or 22" rear wheels and Calf pads

Earn 3159 Points ($31.60)

Ormesa Grillo adaptive seating system

  • Maintain the best posture at all times
  • Three sizes to accommodate user height from 29.5" to 57"
  • Can be easily transported and used to take part in activities at home and in the classroom
  • Gas-spring height adjustment gives access to table tops and work surfaces with ease and comfort
Earn 3409 Points ($34.10)

Ormesa Grillo activity chair

  • Height adjustment system with gas spring
  • Ideal for hand-eye coordination, social interaction
  • Provides maximum breathability and natural thermal insulation
  • Encourage inclusion and participation in daily activities at home and school
Earn 2161 Points ($21.60)

Ormesa New Bug Four Wheel Stroller

  • Safe, modular & versatile
  • Bug is adjustable on four bases
  • Quick and simple to adjust for optimum posture
  • Features tilt in space and reclining along with reversible seat
Earn 3284 Points ($32.80)

Ormesa New Bug Hi-Lo Seating System

  • Bug hi-low base is adjustable from 13.3" to 24"
  • Great high-low feeding base with pedal gas spring
  • It comes with 3.9" solid pivoting wheels and brakes
  • The backrest of bug seating reclines up to 35° in small size & up to 40° in medium size
Earn 3159 Points ($31.60)

Ormesa New Novus Stroller

  • Ensure maximum comfort to the user
  • Comes with a folding aluminium frame
  • Adapts to any needs with its wide range of components
  • Equipped with drum brakes which can be easily removed
Earn 2785 Points ($27.90)

Ormesa Dynamico Indoor Gait Trainer

  • Gives mobility and independence
  • Simply as a permanent means of moving around
  • Both children and adults to re-learn to walk safely
  • Train and start the walking process so that it may be continued without the aid at a later stage
Earn 1194 Points ($11.90)

Ormesa Dynamico Outdoor Gait Trainer

  • A flip-away rear bar that keeps users secure
  • Utilized in complete safety on roads or flat terrain
  • Open-back design that makes client transfers easier
  • Provide movement and independence as well as the balance support required
Earn 1724 Points ($17.20)

Ormesa Dondolino Adaptive Stander

  • Can be used by children from 29.5" to 59" tall
  • Makes the child's active participation in the social environment easy
  • Aids in mobility of upper limbs and head, in line with the motor development skills
  • Prone/upright standing frame help children acquire independence in maintaining a standing posture
Earn 1912 Points ($19.10)

Ormesa Birillo Pre-Gait Trainer

  • Handlebar is adjustable in height and depth
  • It is padded and covered with plastic material
  • Steel frame painted with non-toxic epoxy varnish
  • Peculiar shape and bright colors characterizing the self-extinguishing upholstery
Earn 944 Points ($9.40)

Ormesa Trolli Wheelchair with Adjustable Push Handles

  • Features slightly tilted seat for added convenience
  • Lightweight aluminium construction with umbrella folding system
  • Comes in two different models T30 and T60 with self-propelling wheels
Earn 1934 Points ($19.30)
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