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Thevo Mattresses

Thevo therapy mattresses helps in reducing muscle pain, bone problems etc. and provides comfortable sleeping at night. The mattresses helps special needs children as well as adults who have sleep disorders or disturbances. These mattress offers relaxation to the body as it features foam, MiS Micro-Stimulation, soft sensation etc.
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Thomashilfen ThevoSleepingStar Senso Special Needs Therapeutic Mattress

  • Improves body perception and reduces spasms and pains
  • Prolonged sleep phases are best suited for a soft experience of resting down
  • By supplying little movement impulses, wings suspended in the air have a beneficial effect on children's disturbed sleep
Earn 1390 Points ($13.90)

Thomashilfen ThevoautoActiv 800 Therapeutic Mattress

  • Supports and encourages a patient's mobility
  • Stimulation for pressure relief without electricity
  • Wing suspension supports the tiniest movements
  • A pressure ulcer mattress with MiS Micro-Stimulation® is a useful pressure ulcer prevention tool
Earn 1611 Points ($16.10)

Thomashilfen ThevoVital Special Needs Sleep System

  • MiS micro-stimulation promotes natural movement
  • Foam with a strong density makes lying comfortable
  • Provides peace of mind for caregivers and helps user to avoid night time wandering
  • Suspension for dementia is best suited to the sleeping and laying requirements of those with dementia
Earn 1611 Points ($16.10)

Thomashilfen ThevoCalm Special Needs Therapy Mattress

  • Provides stable sensation of lying
  • It is easier to sit up and change positions in the thevocalm
  • Parkinson's mattress with MiS Micro-Stimulation relaxes muscle
  • Wing suspensions provide tiny impulses to maintain and support mobility of people with parkinson's
Earn 1611 Points ($16.10)

Thomashilfen ThevoRelief Therapeutic Mattress

  • Relieves body aches and painful lying
  • Provides soft sensation of lying relieving pain from the body
  • Positions the body to relieve discomfort and gently stimulates the nerves
  • Accommodates user weight up to 297 lbs. and gives optimum back support
Earn 1611 Points ($16.10)

Thomashilfen ThevoFlex Therapeutic Mattresses

  • Provides pressure relief at the lower part of the body
  • Relieves the spinal column and designed for maximum comfort for wheelchair users
  • The edge layer facilitates transfers and provides users with adequate hold and stability
Earn 1611 Points ($16.10)
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