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Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs are stronger and high performance wheelchairs and are usually made out of aluminum or titanium to save as much weight as possible. These wheelchairs are specifically intended to be as efficient to propel as probable, making them exclusively suited to full-time, active wheelchair users.

Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs-

Quickie Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Quickie Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs are ideal for active users who need a versatile wheelchair for everyday use as well as sports activities.

  • Greatly adjustable to elevate individual mobility.
  • Can improve client's performance by increasing both speed and agility.
  • Available with most popular options and accessories to complement one’s lifestyle.

Tilite Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Tilite Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs have chair frames made up of Titanium or Aluminum material. While Titanium has unbeatable strength, smooth riding experience and extensive lasting durability and Aluminium offers features like lightweight, easy to work with and cost effectiveness.

  • Ideal for a new, active user who needs a chair which can change with their requirements.
  • They have modern design and attractive features with specialized functions which provide overall comfort.
  • Most of them come with Tru-Fit system which reduces the number of holes in the frame and improves the durability and features for easy adjustment and reduces set-up time.

Ki Mobility Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Ki Mobility Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs are high strength ultra-lightweight wheelchairs, custom configured to encounter individual's mobility and positioning needs.

  • Provide precision ride, enhanced handling, unique styling, easy transportability.
  • Easily change seat depth for a better fit, for growth, or to accommodate a solid back.
  • These wheelchairs are great mix of quality, strength, style and adjustability - all in one.

Panthera Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Panthera Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs are built to deliver performance and comfort to the clients. They have excellent driving qualities, light to lift and comfortable to sit in.

  • Design to makes most things in your daily life easier.
  • They are modern, active wheelchairs with slim line front and ergonomic contour they are wonderfully smooth to get around in.

Colours Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Colours Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs are light weighted manual wheelchairs having solid main-frame tube which allows for strong rigid support.

  • Ideal for loading in and out of the vehicle.
  • These wheelchairs have compact, versatile frame design.
  • Offer growth seat width and depth, and adjustable positioning for every unique body.

Freedom Designs Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Freedom Designs Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs are versatile manual wheelchairs which comes with swing-away front end as well as folding and rigid frame options.

  • These wheelchairs offer growth capabilities.
  • They feature hub lock or conventional wheel lock
  • Hub lock lever can be mounted anywhere on the wheelchair frame.
  • They are dependable, strong and durable as well as easy to grow and use.

Invacare Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Invacare Rigid Ultralight are lightweight durable and economical wheelchairs for sports, recreation and everyday use. Invacare provides peace of mind with quality products.

  • They have center of gravity adjustment to keep the chair light and practically maintenance free.
  • Perfect fit for anyone, from the new rider to the more experienced, who wants a custom, super light chair built for performance.
  • These are everyday wheelchairs and offer a range of frame materials and frame styles to suit a rider's individual needs and preferences.

Icon Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

Icon Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs are lightweight wheelchairs and their modular design allows for the use of the shelf and custom seating components.

  • The adjustability and suspensions of these wheelchairs make them fairly unique.
  • Adjustments- can allow them to be adjusted for purpose and to fit a user who goes over changes in condition and size.
  • Suspension- allows them to be set to user exact weight. Aids reduce fatigue and give client a custom ride over the bumps of everyday life.

PDG Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs

PDG Rigid Ultralight Wheelchairs can be organized for a perfect fit. They are designed to enable greater function, independence, and comfort and to promote activities of daily living.

  • Easy to take in and out of an automobile.
  • These wheelchairs have aluminum construction.
  • Comes with dynamic seating with which users can adjust their sitting position easily.