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Seat Belts for Wheelchairs

Seat Belts for Wheelchairs are designed to maintain the pelvis in as neutral alignment as possible, to provide stability and to prevent the client from slipping down and even out of the seating system. Find Padded Hip Belts, Non-Padded Hip Belts, Hip Seat Belt Accessories and any more from top brands.

Seat Belts for Wheelchairs-

2-Point Padded Seat Belts

2-Point Padded Seat Belts are shaped to fit the body and give support to the users with low tone or weakness and are most suitable for them.

  • These belts offer strength, performance, and durability.
  • Help stabilize the pelvis, maximize comfort and fit all wheelchairs.
  • Two point padded hip belt with push button is shaped to fit the body and distribute pressure for all-day comfort.

4-Point Padded Seat Belts

4-Point Padded Seat Belts assure that the pelvis does not move from an aligned, stable position and stays securely against the seat and back supports.

  • Provide support to the wheelchair users.
  • The 4 attachment points help maintain pelvic positioning.
  • The secondary attachments for 4 point padded hip belts prevent the belt from riding up the abdomen or twisting.

Non Padded Seat Belts

Non Padded Seat Belts are designed for slip-resistance, strength, and long life for the user who needs a hip belt for stability.

  • These belts offer quality and durability.
  • They are designed for user who requires minimum pressure distribution.