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SleepSafe Beds

SleepSafe Beds

SleepSafe Beds is involved in manufacturing safety beds for special needs children since 2000. Sleep Safe comes with various customizable options including twin or full size, fixed, articulating or Hi-Lo frames and much more to choose from for your special needs child. Medicaleshop carries both SleepSafe manual beds and SleepSafe electric beds at unbeatable rates!

SleepSafe Low Bed

A cost-effective and comfortable bed from sleepsafe which comes with low height and rails that runs the full length of the bed on both sides for children providing a safe and secure environment. Shop for SleepSafe low beds at special price only at Medicaleshop.

SleepSafe2 Medium Bed

Medium sized SleepSafe2 beds are made stylishly and doesn’t make a room look like a hospital room. These are made to reduce the risk of falling outside the bed. These beds are advised by the professionals resulting in some of the most unique and secure safety beds for home use available on the market today. Shop now and grab it on most reasonable rates.

SleepSafer Tall Bed

SleepSafer tall beds are best for notorious kids eliminating any and all potential dangers with entrapment. SleepSafe beds meet or exceed FDA guidelines for the 7 Zones of Entrapment. They are beautifully and masterfully constructed with natural wood offered in a variety of finishes to perfectly blend with any decor.

SleepSafer Tall Bed With Extension

Tall beds from sleepsafe can attach an extension to maximize the height when fitted on the top of a SleepSafer Bed. It allows a maximum of 53″ between the top of the safety rail to the top of mattress using a bunkie board as a fixed foundation. Shop now for sleepsafe beds at discounted price.

SleepSafe BASIC Bed

Basic beds from sleepsafe is available in both fixed and articulating foundation available in Alder, Oak, Maple finish choices. Shop sleepsafe beds now and get shipping free.