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SleepSafe Beds

SleepSafe Beds comes with various customizable options including twin or full size, fixed, articulating or Hi-Lo frames and much more to choose from for special needs child. Medicaleshop carries both SleepSafe manual beds and SleepSafe electric beds at unbeatable rates!

Choosing Your Bed

SleepSafe beds want their clients and their loved ones to rest in a comfortable and safe environment, so with the advice from care giving professionals and listening to their needs, they have created a bed system that meets or exceeds the FDA guidelines on entrapment and falls.


  • Which SleepSafe bed model will suit your needs?

Different sizes of adaptive bed are offered with one basic difference - the height of the safety rail protection above the mattress. This choice should be made based on the activity level of the user. How active is he or she? How much safety rail above the mattress is needed? Can the user sit up? Can he or she pull to kneel or even stand in the bed? Keeping this in mind will help you and your doctor determine which bed is most appropriate. Also, it is required to order the bed with or without padding.

It is important to also consider Transfer Height.

Sleepsafe Basic bed - transfer height is 21-1/4"
Sleepsafe  Low bed  - transfer height is 22-1/2"
Sleepsafe II Medium bed - transfer height is 32-1/2"
Sleepsafer Tall bed  - transfer height is 26-1/2"

In the above listed order, each bed offers increased safety rail height and level of protection. If were to line the 3 size beds side by side it is seen that each one gets taller than the next.


  • What features or functions is essential in a foundation?

Every sleepsafe bed includes a foundation that supports the mattress. The following foundations are available for sleepsafe beds. Choose the one that best suits the need based on the features or functions the adaptive bed is desired to perform.

Fixed foundation: offers a foundation with a fixed height and NO articulation. The mattress will lie flat on a box spring or bunkie board. Depending on the bed model chosen, it can have more than one choice for positioning the fixed height at the time of installation.

SleepSafe Basic bed - offers 2 different fixed height options.

SleepSafe Low bed  - offers 2 different height options.

SleepSafe II Medium bed - offers 3 different height options.

SleepSafer Tall Bed - offers 3 different height options.

The height/positioning choice made when installing the fixed foundation will determine the height of safety rail protection above the mattress. For example, if chosen to install at the lower position, this will increase the height of protection above the mattress. The height of the fixed foundation can be changed at any time.Manual foundation: offers four choices. 


Manual Hi-Low foundation without the articulating feature. This will raise and lower the mattress height with one crank located in the front panel of the bed below the safety rail.

Manual articulating foundation without the Hi-Lo feature. This will raise and lower the head and/or knee section of the bed with a combination of two cranks located in the front panel of the bed below the safety rail.

Electric articulating foundation with manual hi-lo. This will raise and lower the head and/or knee section of the bed.

Manual Hi-Low foundation with the articulating feature. This will raise and lower the mattress height and raise and lower the head and knee section of the bed with a combination of three cranks located in the front panel of the bed below the safety rail.  With a hydraulic system, the hand cranks are easy to use with minimal effort by the caregiver.


  • What bed size is most appropriate?

The following bed sizes are offered for sleepsafe beds and are available with fixed or electric foundations.

TWIN offers a standard twin bed size - Mattress size is 37″ by 77”

FULL offers a standard full bed size - Mattress size is 51″ by 77″

QUEEN offers a standard queen bed size - Mattress size is 60″ by 77″



  •  Various wooden textures offered by sleepsafe beds?

The following wood choices are available for all sleepsafe Beds.

Maple is the lightest of wood choices and shows very little wood grain.

Oak is a bit darker than the maple, but relatively light in color and shows more natural wood grain.

Cherry is slightly darker than maple and oak but again, is still relatively light in color.

Mahogany is the darkest of the wood choices.

Mixed or solid colors. Colors include solid White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple and Black. All leg posts are available in maple only. Leg posts are not available in colors.

  •    Additional accessories by SleepSafe?

Paddingis very important when ordering the bed, it is required to order the SleepSafe bed with or without padding depending on the needs. The beds are sized and manufactured accordingly. If ordered padding, it will be installed at the factory and will cover ALL four sides. Padding only one or two sides is NOT an option.

If ordered padding with the bed it is very important to note the following recommendations by SleepSafe beds.

Never using the bed if one or more of the pads have been removed

If any of the pads are removed, a gap will be created between the mattress and the sides of the bed potentially creating a risk for entrapment.

Mesh screened windows installed in the safety rails instead of the traditional clear windows.

IV Pole can be installed anywhere on the footboard or headboard. It is a 30 inch stainless steel pole with 2 ram hooks.

Medical tubing can be accessed through a 2″ by 18″ vertical hole cut from the headboard.Headboard Window is available for installation in the headboard.

Footboard window is available for installation in the footboard.

Extended enclosure - Open will add 16-3/4” of safety height to sleepsafer bed.

Extended enclosure - Closed will add a top securely onto the extended enclosure.

Dual view safety rails for high bed offers 2 additional safety rails, replacing the solid wood panel on the standard sleepsafer high bed, allowing access from both sides of the bed.


  • All beds include the following items

Premium mattress: The technically advanced mattress provides remarkable comfort and support. Covered in fluid-resistant, anti-microbial/anti-bacterial, fire-retardant stretch nylon fabric, the mattress offers unique comfort zones for support and pressure relief.

Foundation of choice: Box spring or bunkie board (Fixed models), manual crank (Articulated), or electric frame (Articulated or Hi-Lo models).

Locking casters.