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Slings for Patient Lifts

Slings for Patient Lifts are used together with patient lift systems to transfer a disabled patient from one place to another such as from bed to a chair or from a wheelchair into a bath tub. They are easy for the caregiver to use and provide secure support to the patient. These slings are available in a variety of styles and fabrics to meet specific patient needs.

ArjoHuntleigh Slings

ArjoHuntleigh Slings has variety of slings and spreader bars a range of different choices when lifting and transferring residents/patients. They provide correct positioning and optimal stability and support in every lift.

  • These slings distribute weight and pressure evenly.
  • Offer broad range of slings to meet the needs of all care facilities.
  • Position client appropriately in the chair and can transfer to standing to seating or any other position.

Liko slings

Liko slings helps in comfortable and secure lifting for both user and caregiver. They are easily fitted and removed, and adapts to the user without additional adjustments.

  • Safe and secure means of transport.
  • Comfortable and relaxed experience with proper safety.
  • Easy and secure lifting for both patient and caregiver.

Savaria slings

Savaria loop slings are available in different sizes and weight capacity to accommodate different type of users.

Hoyer Slings

Hoyer Slings are durable and comfortable slings available in a variety of styles and fabrics to meet specific patient needs. They are easy to use and provide safe and secure transfer to the users and their caregivers.

  • Can be used with almost every patient lifts.
  • Easy transfers from or to bed or chair or any other place.
  • They are available in every size from normal weight to bariatric users supporting from shoulders to the knees.

Romedic Slings

Romedic Slings are designed for use in transfer conditions, like transfers between a bed and wheelchair or from a reclining position on the floor. They help make patient care safer and easier.

  • Designed to make life easier, both for the patient and for the caregiver.
  • They are complete solution which offers for the majority of transfer or manual handling requirements.

Molift RgoSling

All our slings are designed to distribute weight and pressure evenly for maximum comfort. As Molift is committed to comfort and safety, they offer a wide range of various models and sizes.

  • Maximum comfort
  • Scandinavian design
  • Unique sliding loop function
  • Anatomical shape makes the difference