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SmartDrive MX2+ drive unit charger wall cable

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SmartDrive MX2+ drive unit charger wall cable

Many ways and many reasons, to choose SmartDrive to do more

Most of manual wheelchair users have a pain problem and then they report it at significantly higher levels than those that those who don't use manual wheelchairs. Pain, fatigue and the planning associated with pushing a wheelchair which makes it tempting to say no to things that users love or want to do. But if manual wheelchair users could do more by pushing 80% less. Then, below is the link to learn how users decided on (and came to love) using a SmartDrive.

Why people choose to do more by using a SmartDrive, Click here to know more.

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How long does a smart drive in wristband charge last when they’re in constant use?

  • The wristband takes roughly 2.5 hours to fully charge when plugged in and has a range of 14.2 miles.

Can i use with a manual that is non-power wheelchairs?

    Yes, it will work with both rigid and manual folding wheelchairs. For manual wheelchair users, SmartDrive improves daily mobility.

What is the weight capacity?

  • Weight capacity: 331 lbs. Starting Weight: 13.5 lbs.

How is my driving performance calculated?

    SmartDrive combines data from your driving habits with a comprehensive profile to determine your performance rating score. The following are some of the details gathered:

    • Driving time of day
    • Distracted driving as a result of phone use
    • Braking that is both hard and intense
    • Speeds of 80 mph or more

What do these icons mean?

    When a driving event occurs, these icons appear. Even though none of these incidents will have much of an impact on your overall score, we want you to be aware of your driving patterns.

    • Phone Handling - Phone use can cause you to become distracted and steal your attention away from the road. Please be cautious of your surroundings and keep the roadways safe for everyone.
    • Speeding - When your speed surpasses 80 mph, you'll get a speeding indicator. According to studies, speeds of 80 mph or less are the safest.
    • Sudden Braking - This happens when your speed is drastically lowered in a short period of time. Keep a safe following distance to avoid this.

How do you use wheelchair on smartdrive?

Does this come with the axle bar to be able to use it on folding wheelchairs?

  • Yes. Please specify the type of chair you have (rigid or foldable) when ordering, and an axle will be included.

Why isn’t my SmartDrive engaging?

    In general, keep the following in mind:

  • Is your SmarDrive on and ready to go?
  • Is your PushTracker in “SD On” mode, as shown by the blue light flashing?
  • If you're in MX2+ mode, double tapping will activate the motor. A push on the hand rim will engage the motor if you're in MX2 mode.

Can my SmartDrive slow me down?

    SmartDrive, unfortunately, is unable to provide any brakes for the chair. This implies that once the motor is turned on, you must manually hold the hand-rims and bring your chair to a complete stop. This also implies that your SmartDrive won't be able to slow you down if you're driving down a hill or a ramp.

Do I need to re-pair my PushTracker to my SmartDrive?

    No, you just need to re-pair your PushTracker with your SmartDrive after installing an over-the-air (OTA) update. When you try to connect or turn "SD On" after that, the PushTracker will automatically go into pairing mode.

Why won't my PushTracker connect to my phone?

    If you're using Android, it's possible that the phone has saved the pairing information, making it impossible for the PushTracker to establish a strong connection. To correct this, go to your phone's Bluetooth settings menu and touch "Forget" on the PushTracker that appears. Restart the Smart Evaluation app after that, and the PushTracker should be able to connect successfully without the need to re-pair the phone.

How can I make the SmartDrive safe for children?

    Although the SmartDrive is safe for children to use, we recommend that they be taught proper tapping and braking skills as the best way to safeguard their safety. Furthermore, we have included the ability to limit the SmartDrive's maximum speed (from 0.5 to 5.5 miles per hour) as well as the SmartDrive's acceleration rate. Setting both to very low is recommended for someone who is just learning to push or utilise a SmartDrive.

    *You can accomplish this right from the app with the new Smart Evaluation App!

Why should I want a SmartDrive?

    You should be able to go out into the world and be active! People CAN push too much! Unlike the typical advise for walking (where people cannot walk too much), people CAN push too much when it comes to pushing. If you push yourself too hard, you may experience pain and injury in your arms and shoulders, limiting your independence. You may still push around in your chair as usual with the SmartDrive, but you can now go farther and quicker with less effort! When you need to get somewhere quickly or up a big hill, use it instead of killing your shoulders. Take use of your SmartDrive and enjoy your journey!