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Smirthwaite designs and manufactures equipment for children and young people with special needs. We offer Smirthwaite products which meet many children’s needs in various environments. Seating and mobility equipment from Smirthwaite are ideal for comfort and care of children with special needs.

Smirthwaite Changing Tables

Smirthwaite has compact and slimline design which is easy to move from room to room making it a cost effective deal for a multi-user environment. These tables has stainless steel frame which can also be used at damped areas like bath/changing rooms.

Smirthwaite Desks & Tables

Desks and tables from smirthwaite are available in various sizes and purposes to suits user’s needs. Activity tables, study tables, nesting tables and a lot more to choose from at right price only at Medicaleshop.

Smirthwaite Seating

Seating and positioning is an important part in a child’s growth with special needs. Smirthwaite seating solutions has all kinds of chairs which a parent looks for their child. Shop for classroom chair, positioning chair, activity chair, spica chair & zoomi chair at special price.

Smirthwaite Standers

Standing frame from Smirthwaite has a modular design enable children to young adults gradually develop and maintain their ability to weight bear. Buy Smirthwaite stander at discounted price at Medicaleshop.

Smirthwaite Toileting & Bathing

Bathing and toileting aids assist children with the everyday toileting and bathing needs to perform them independently and freedom to take bath without restrictions. These chairs fit well in both home and school environment. Shop now at discounted price only at Medicaleshop.