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Special Needs Seating

Special Needs Seating systems offer wide range of positioning and seating solutions for special needs child whether at school or home. These systems are designed to meet individual’s needs.

Why Adaptive Seating Interventions?

The functional ability of children and young adults with disability range from ability to sit independently without support to an inability to control head and trunk position. Thus, the complexity of adaptive seating interventions may vary from a simple seating product with little or no customization or clinical involvement, to a sophisticated or complex, multi-adjustable seating system.

How it helps?

  • Pediatric occupational and physical therapists recommend adaptive seating devices and services to improve the activity performance of children with disability.
  • Adaptive seating control postural alignment, support independent activities enable participation and ease caregiver effort.
  • Parents identified that after introducing adaptive devices into their lives their child’s performance and satisfaction have been increased.
  • Though, there is a lack of evidence supporting the use of adaptive seating. Still, there are evidence supports the effectiveness of adaptive seating interventions for body function, postural control, arm function and overall clinical outcomes.

Choosing a right device for your child

Since this is very clear that functional ability of your child depends on what assistive technology they need. Pediatric occupational and physical therapist suggest the best technology so they can perform better in classroom, home activities and with peers.

Medicaleshop carries all types of assistive technology that helps children with special needs to learn and grow well. We carry-

Tilt/High-Low Seating– A multi-positioning seating system with a high-low, tilt-in-space mobility base for children with mild to severe impairment.

Classroom Activity Chairs – For posture positioning for children aging from 1-12 with mild to severe impairments used both and home and school.

Kinder & Bolster Chairs – for sustain hip flexion with abduction and exterior rotation for children who need to achieve a good pelvic position and alignment.

Floor Sitters & Corner Chairs – for balanced sitting and external support allowing them to be independent.

Special Needs Positioning – these includes feeder seats, abductor, positioning pillows, and etc products for physical therapy sessions contributing to their development.

Car Seats – especially designed for children with CP, autism or spinal cord complications for protection and security with comfort.

Therapy Benches and Tables – for proper posture and safety while playing, studying or other activities ideal for schools, and therapy centers.

Helmets & Neck Supports – these reduces probability of blow and neck injuries.