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Sunrise Medical is committed in improving people's lives by providing innovative, high-quality mobility products and services that exceed customer expectations. They are equally committed to respect the environment and to comply with all regulatory obligations. The foundation of commitment is to meet technology, teamwork, and continuous improvement through customer-focused people and processes.



Breezy Wheelchairs - are designed simple and hassle-free to enhance the user independence. The quality of your life matters, and so does the quality of your wheelchair. Breezy wheelchairs are engineered without compromise for safety and durability. Breezy Wheelchair are available in different model like

  • Transport wheelchair - offers exceptional ease and comfort in a compact frame. The Breezy transport wheelchair is designed specifically for those who like to stay on the move, they are efficient and user friendly for user and caregivers. Each chair includes a seat belt for improved patient safety.
  • Standard manual wheelchair – is designed to meet a broad range of clinical needs and is built keeping with the user in mind. The Breezy standard manual wheelchairs offer quality, dependability and ease of operation that makes it easy to re-use and portable making it compact for easy storage.
  • Lightweight wheelchair – are made durable, chrome-plated steel frames that provide convenience and comfort to the user and caregiver alike that are built using materials like aluminum and titanium alloy. Breezy lightweight wheelchair best suit the mobility and environmental needs and are easy foldable that allows for easy storage and transport.
  • High - strength lightweight wheelchair – features stability in a lightweight design and a power reclining back for those who require more adjustment. Breezy high-strength lightweight wheelchair offers full back and headrest support, designed in Chrome-plated, carbon steel frame making it durable and easy to maintain making them truly unique for the user and their caregivers.

Quickie Wheelchairs - are a perfect fit for the user lifestyle and an expression of one’s personality. Quickie wheelchairs are listened, researched, tested and delivered through state-of-the-art design, superior performance and a customized build, Quickie wheelchairs empowers to live without limits. Choose for options available from Quickie Manual Wheelchair and Quickie Power Wheelchair.

  • Quickie Manual Wheelchair combines the latest ultra-light, hydro-formed aluminum technology that is cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style that is expected from a rigid chair. With high end design and innovative technology Quickie wheelchairs are highly adjustable to suit the user with special needs.

  • Quickie Power Wheelchair has a unique combination of both performance and maneuverability. Highly powered for an independent life and available with a host of drive bases, seating systems and expandable control systems, you’ll always be in control of your independence with QUICKIE.

Zippie Wheelchairs are specifically designed for the pediatric growth and development, It is an innovative rigid chair which combines with lots of features and options. Zippie pediatric wheelchairs offer the child confidence to learn, grow, make new friends and bravely explore world. The chair is designed to adapt effortlessly for the child's rapid growth, abolishing the need for replacement chair. Zippie wheelchairs are available in different model like

  • Zippie Power Wheelchair – incorporates the smallest, most reliable power wheelchair base with clinically proven pediatric seating and positioning options that offer maximum accessibility and independence with adjustable seating systems, powered options and control systems to interact with the surrounding world.
  • Zippie Early Intervention Stroller – These special needs strollers are designed to support children with mild to moderate positioning needs in a lightweight and easy to fold design. Zippie stroller are designed to offer early intervention seating for infants, toddlers and small children with a stylish look you and your child will love.
  • Zippie Manual Wheelchair - offers a single source pediatric solution by providing the broadest possible option-set making it easier to meet the pediatric clinical needs. Zippie manual wheelchair blends a advanced, ultra lightweight, and option-rich pediatric rigid framed wheelchair which is perfect for active kids and teens.


Jay Cushions & Backs - provide the optimal blend of support, ease and protection through progressive design and advanced materials. Jay cushions products exceed industry standards, designed simple in nature that combines science, technology and provide superior clinical seating.

  • Jay Wheelchair Cushions – is designed with latest technology and exceptional firmness which protects the skin and contoured base option which permits the users to sit for longer periods with comfort. Jay wheelchair cushion is a perfect combination that offers skin protection and is capable of maximum stability.
  • Jay Wheelchair Backs – are designed to increase sitting tolerance and stability by adding a rigid component to the wheelchair that provides long-term postural support along with posterior pelvic and mild lateral thoracic stability.
  • Jay Custom Seating Systems – is a most comprehensive custom wheelchair seating solution. It offers extensive options that create a tailored seating system providing ultimate personal fit. Jay custom seating system is a complete custom-made seating solution that addresses basic to complex user need and lifestyle need of every caregiver.
  • Jay Whitmyer Head Supports – is a unique head support which is designed to maximize the user interaction with their environment by providing anterior, posterior, and lateral support of the head and neck. Jay whitmyer head supports consist of various features that easily accommodate transfers and offers anterior and lateral stabilization of the shoulders and trunk for optimal head control.