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Therapy & Rehabilitation

Therapy & Rehabilitation products cater to the varying needs of patients like safe transfers, access, exercise, fitness etc. Therapeutic products include changing tables, treatment tables, exercise hand cycles, traction tables etc.

Electrotherapy Supplies

Electrotherapy Supplies speed up wound healing, manage pain and much more. Pro Therapy Supplies knows how important electrotherapy is and how difficult it can be to find the right equipment for your machines. This is why we offer a variety of supplies to help you and your patients every day.

Treatment Tables

Treatment Tables are available in wide range according to patient sizes and exam needs. They are durable and easy to adjust offering maximum comfort.

  • Easy access getting on and off the table.
  • Easy to maintain and available in different heights, widths and lengths.
  • Used by healthcare specialists such as physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists or massage therapists.


Exercise/Fitness enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health of the individual. They provide a perfect solution for user who wants to rehabilitate their body parts.

  • Help user to increase mobility as well as circulation.
  • Helps develop and maintain joint flexibility, muscular strength, and balance.
  • Improves mental health by improving physical fitness and providing opportunities for social interaction.

Medical Weighing Scales

Weighing Scales are ideal for determining weight and establishing a general state of nutrition. They can be used by individuals while standing, sitting or using a wheelchair.

  • Lightweight, durable, stable, compact, easy-to-use & clean.
  • Suitable for personal and medical use and can be also used at home, health centers, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Hot & Cold Therapy

Hot and Cold Therapy products are useful for relieving sprains, strains and arthritis. They relieve pain without producing any damage to the skin or nerves.

  • Cold therapies used for acute pain or swollen injury.
  • Hot therapies for chronic pain or a day old injury or more.

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy includes the use of erection manual devices, impotence pumps, manual and battery-operated therapy systems, ring kits and more.

  • It is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat impotence.


Choose from our selection of hydrotherapy products which involve the use of water for pain relief and treatment. They help in improving blood flow and circulation.

  • It helps to reduce pain sensitivity.

Massage Therapy

Rejunevate your skin and body with equipment and supplies for Health and Beauty, Massage Therapy, Skin Care, Body Treatments, and more. It includes Paraffin and Foot Baths, massage chairs, belt massagers, kneading massagers and essential massage oils and many more.

  • Massage Theraphy release stress and muscle aches.
  • Give quick relief to your body from pain with the help of electronic massagers.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy Lamp are easily adjustable and the pedestal stand projects light downward. Two light settings, therapy and task, make the lamp versatile option for users who want the bright light therapy brand.