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MiS Micro Stimulation Technology

Keeps your Brain Fit!

MiS Micro-Stimulation helps users with improved blood flow, better body perception and support mobility as well as improved sleeping patterns. This is more important for patients with older age, and those with special needs.

The Thevo Therapeutic Mattresses deliver every slightest movement of the person and count into micro-sized movements and responds accordingly, which is a unique technology of integrated MiS Micro-Stimulation for improved sleep and stimulate the body to improve recovery.

Key points of MiS Micro Solution Technology

  • MiS Micro-Stimulation relaxes muscles

  • Tiny movements maintain mobility

  • Decrease night sweats

  • Decreased need for sleep aid medications

  • MiS Micro-Stimulation gently stimulate the nerve tracts

  • Relieve body aches and painful lying

  • Micro-Stimulation is a good way to prevent pressure ulcers

  • Pressure reliving stimulation without electricity

  • MiS Micro-Stimulation supports mobility & reduce spasm