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Thomashilfen pediatric seating systems have BSS - Balance Safety System for reducing risks of fall and have modern & flexible design. Thomashilfen Pediatric strollers have solid seat and back rest for a comfortable & firm seat base; easily adjustable for simple use.

Thomashilfen strollers & wheelchairs

Wheelchairs and strollers for children and young adults from Thomashilfen make seating on stroller for longer hours comfortable, cozy and perfectly adjustable. These strollers have simple designs and have high quality workmanship. Shop for Thomashilfen wheelchairs and strollers at discounted price.

Thomashilfen activity/therapy chairs

Therapy and activity chairs which allows special need child to experience stable and dynamic seating which allows movements for the development of children with special needs. These chairs have firm seat and adjustable height as basis for an optimum seating posture. Shop now for Thomashilfen products at unbeatable rates only at Medicaleshop.

Thomashilfen car seats

Car seats by Thomashilfen offers optimum neck support and provide comfortable sitting to children with special need while traveling. These car seats are tested and have met highest safety standards which grow with the child. They are even certified to use in aircrafts as well. Shop for Thomashilfen car seats at special price only at Medicaleshop.

Thomashilfen therapeutic mattresses

Therapeutic mattresses offers comfortable sleeping at night helping in reducing muscles pain, bone problems and etc. These mattresses helps patients with dementia suffer from sleep disturbances affecting both patient and caregivers. Shop for therapeutic mattresses at right price at Medicaleshop.

Thomashilfen hi/low seating

Thomashilfen seating systems features height and seat tilt-in-space adjustment for comfortable sitting. These hi/lo seating system are available with variety of custom options. Buy Thomashilfen seating systems at discounted price.