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Urological Supplies

Urological supplies are used to manage urinary/bladder functions, whether they are controlled or uncontrolled. These supplies provide you the security and confidence to manage your personal care independently.

Medicaleshop offers a wide selection of high quality Urological supplies at affordable prices.

  • Common urological supplies include intermittent and indwelling/Foley catheters, male external/condom catheters, leg/day collection bags, bed/night collection bags, extension tubing, leg bag straps, cleaners and deodorizers, and lubricant.
  • Urinary catheters is a common group of urinary supplies which includes both internal or external catheter use.
  • They are commonly used in conjunction with inserting catheters and preventing infection.

Urological Supplies

Urological Accessories

Urological Accessories includes cleaners, tubes, straps, holders, clamps and lubricants.

Drainage Bags

Drainage Bags are the style of urine bag which is designed to hang at your bedside. Urine drainage bags collect urine. The bag will attach to a catheter tube that is inside your bladder. Urine Drainage bags feature a rounded, teardrop shape that ensures more efficient drainage.

  • Fully adjustable soft belt provides patient convenience.
  • Designed to collect urine from either sheaths or catheters.
  • Flexible tubing allows for patient mobility during drainage.
  • Kink-resistant tube can be cut and fit to the appropriate length.
  • Designed for efficient fluid collection during drainage procedures.
  • Twist-type valve provides quick and easy emptying of drainage bag.


Urinary catheters are used to drain the bladder due to incontinence, urinary retention, surgery or other medical conditions. Catheters are constructed of thin plastic, vinyl, silicone or rubber. Urinary Catheters are used to deliver, remove fluids to or from the body, and entering the bladder.

  • Catheter tube leads to a drainage bag that holds collected urine.
  • Urinary catheters are hollow, partially flexible tubes that collect urine from the bladder.
  • It is a medical device that inserted in the body to treat diseases or perform a surgical procedure.

Urethral Clamps

They are placed around the penis to block the flow of urine and do not require surgery or drugs. The Urethral clamp is used to control when men urinate. To urinate men release the clip pressure around the penis and allowing the flow of urine to the toilet or urinal.

  • It is a small reusable device that is available in different designs.
  • They all work by compressing or squeezing the penis, either by acting as a clamp that is closed over the penis, as a strap that goes around the penis or occasionally an inflatable cuff.

Leg Straps

Leg Straps are used primarily with patients where groin straps are not appropriate. They provide leg support to complement the support.

  • Available in pads and adult sizes.
  • Can be used to reduce scissoring.
  • Useful for patients who cannot tolerate Groin Straps.

Insertion Trays

Insertion tray is available with or without a catheter. Using an insertion tray makes Catheterization easier and convenient. It helps to improve your catheter insertion. Insertion tray includes lubricants, swabs, gloves, syringes, underpads, and collection devices.

Catheter Tube Holders

Patients need external urinary catheters. Soft and comfortable foam strap helps to secure a urinary catheter or drainage tubes. It helps to prevent accidental pulling. Hook & loop fasteners for easy application and placement. It also helps to eliminate skin-irritating tape.

  • Used to help prevent the catheter being pulled causing discomfort to patients.
  • Soft elasticized Velcro-type material is placed around the leg and the tube is held in position between the two hook sections of Velcro.


Urological Supplies offers a line of wound and skin cleansers to assist with cleaning and the healing process of ulcers, stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, cuts, abrasions, and minor irritation of the skin.


Medicaleshop offers a wide selection of surgical lubricant and lubricating jelly that can relieve chafing, chapping and cracking skin. It moisturizes, protects and can aid with catheter insertion.

  • Helps to protect the skin.
  • Surgical lubricant for medical instruments.
  • Medical lubricant for catheters and exam gloves.
  • Seals skin from drying effects of wind & weather.
  • Enables skin-softening moisture to build naturally.

Irrigation Supplies

Urological Irrigation supplies include Irrigation trays, Bulb syringes, and different types of irrigation solutions. It can work of both male and female patients of all ages allowing them to be able to relieve themselves.


Pessaries are a medical device inserted into the vagina, either to provide structural support, or as a method of delivering medication. The device fits into your vagina and provides support to vaginal tissues displaced by pelvic organ prolapse.