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Walker is the most supportive walking aid. Walker is an excellent option for patients with poor balance or less upper body strength. We offer standard walkers, rolling walkers, specialty walkers, non-folding walkers and knee walkers that have many options and features making the device more convenient to use. It is used by those who rely on additional support due to back problems, weak or fractured legs, pelvic fractures. Our walker brands include Guardian, Invacare, Easy Walking and Columbia.


Standard Walkers

Standard Walkers are usually waist-high, with a four-legged frame and offer solid support for those who need assistance walking due to lack of balance or strength.

  • Simple in design and are moved by lifting or scooting across the floor.
  • Lightweight, sturdy metal frames and are ideal for use by a weak or disabled person.
  • Easy to assemble and can fold to half its size for convenient storage and transportation.


Rollators are specifically for the patients having trouble walking from an injury or illness. These are designed to give physically disabled or special needs children the ability to be independent so they enjoy the daily activities.

  • They don’t involve the lift that a normal walker requires.
  • They combine an adjustable height walking frame with small wheels.
  • Help make walking a smoother process. However they require that the user be stable enough to not let it get away from them since it has wheels.

Specialty Walkers

Specialty Walkers are ideal solution for maintaining an active, healthy and independent lifestyle while also providing the convenience of mobility assistance.

  • Even works well for patients with a cast or ankle brace.
  • Great way to get around and keep weight off foot or ankle after surgery or injury.
  • Provide a smooth ride over most surfaces making them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.