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zPods™ Sensory Friendly Sleeping Pod

Brand:  zPod

zPod Special Needs Bed for Autism and other sleep disorders provide a safe sleep environment for children to find better sleep.

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zPods™ Sensory Friendly Sleeping Pod

Brand:  zPod

zPod Special Needs Bed for Autism and other sleep disorders provide a safe sleep environment for children to find better sleep.


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zPods Sensory Friendly Sleeping Pod - Generation 2 is a perfect escape space for children with autism or other sleeping disorders. With features like intelligent lighting control, an innovative air filter, bluetooth speakers and more, the children can find better sleep in a place of their own without distractions. zPods capsule bed features LED lighting that is particularly soothing and make the children's bedroom more calming, more restful, and more fun. zPod smart bed is offered in two options to have the ultimate cozy space for children to relax in. zPod single is ideal for restless and energetic children who need a place to get away and zPod double is perfect for two kids who share the same room and keep each other up past bedtime. The bed is easy to assemble, taking around thirty minutes for two individuals to complete.

Sliding Door Design:

The new sliding doors are easy to install and remove. The change in door design makes it easy to make and clean the bed, or to leave the front open for those who prefer.

Sound & Light:

Sleeping pod comes with two Bluetooth speakers. Connect your smart device (tablet, phone, etc...) to the speakers and play white noise, peaceful music, or any other sound that makes your child feel safe and relaxed. LED lighting with multiple modes to suit your mood and sleep cycle, including the ability to turn off the lights while sleeping.

Fan System:

The Generation 2 zPod offers two fans that keeps air circulating and fresh (with scents and filters available).

Control Panel:

The bed comes with a BLE 5.0 bluetooth connected control panel that can be controlled from inside or outside the bed using the zPods app on smartphone or tablet. By using zPods app through smart device, parents may lock or unlock selected features of the bed depending on the maturity of their child.


zPod special needs bed for sleep disorders
Width4.25 feet4.25 feet
Length7.25 feet7.25 feet
Height4.25 feet7.8 feet




  • The manufacturer provides a 5-Years Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser from the date of purchase.
  • Manufacturer will at its discretion, replace items in their entirety only if the material, workmanship, or manufacturing defects cannot be remedied by replacing the defective parts.
  • If the component parts or items under warranty are discontinued, the manufacturer will, at its discretion, replace with comparable parts or items of equal or lesser value.
  • One year after purchase, the purchaser will be responsible for covering all packing, shipping, and transportation costs for replacement parts or items.
  • No warranty, express or implied, applies to any condition resulting from lifetime wear and tear, misuse, abuse, damage by customer or anybody in customer’s household, alteration, pet or animal damage, chemical damage, water damage, fire damage, damage as a result of natural disaster, improper cleaning or care, nor any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance.
  • This warranty does not cover damages resulting from soiling, unapproved cleaning or maintenance methods, fading or other damages resulting from exposure to sunlight, damages resulting from household humidity, or damages resulting from any liquid, including but not limited to water or alcohol.
  • The headrests and all electronics are subject to the terms stated above with the exception that the headrests and all electronics are covered for 1-Year only.
  • Parts under warranty will be covered at no cost.
  • Any labor cost for service under warranty is not covered as per our terms of sale.
  • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions apply for the warranty of this product.
Please call us for Specific Details.


  • The product must be returned within 100 days from the date of shipment, clearly articulating your desire to return.
  • Manufacturer offers a full refund on your purchase price excluding shipping costs.
  • For the bed to qualify for a return, it must not be damaged (e.g., no cracks or broken parts, no damaged electronics).
  • All products are subject to a 10% restocking fee + repair costs for any damage.
  • All returns must have an RGA number (Returned Goods Authorization) unauthorized returns will not be accepted.
  • The products must be a new, unused condition, not tampered with, and returned at the customer's expense in original packaging.
  • If your return is not due to any manufacturing defect then the original shipping cost and credit card/PayPal processing fee will be deducted from the total refund
  • For further clarification on return policy, please contact support@zpodsforsleep.com.

Please call us for specific details.

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