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Kaye suspension harness for suspension walkers

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Kaye suspension harness for suspension walker comes in two distinct styles depending on the size and weight of the user. The harness is made of material that has a high compression element so that the body vest fits snuggly around the client and fastens with buckles. Kaye suspension harnesses are designed and made to comfortably hold clients when they are suspended in the Kaye Suspension Walkers.

Models 9820-Small and 9821-Medium Slim, have three components: a body vest, 4 compression straps and four strap pads. These harnesses fit between the legs like pants and buckle up each side. Because of the construction of these harnesses, they are most comfortable for children under 60 lbs.
Models 9822-Medium and 9824-Large, have four components: a body vest, 4 compression straps, four strap pads, and two thigh cuffs. They depend on the compression of the vest and the thigh straps to hold the vest in place. These vests buckle up the front and back. Because they do not have any component between the legs, they are comfortable for older, heavier clients, and can hold up to 200 lbs. The four compression straps can be added to aid alignment and have been found useful in many ways, to align the trunk, head, and hips. The strap pads are added once the client is suspended to protect the head from the hardware on the suspension system.

It is recommended that the user should put on the vest in a supine or standing position since an optimally fitted harness depends on the hips being in extension and the vest fitted low around the pelvis. In addition, the lower buckles, around the pelvis, must be pulled tight to keep the vest in place when the client is suspended.

Instructions for use
  • Have someone help the client put the harness on and tighten it properly, especially at the pelvic bones. This would be difficult for a person to do by himself; a helper can get it to the proper tightness.
  • After getting the harness adjusted, the client can unclip one side of the harness only to take it off. When he wants to use it again, he should be able to buckle only the one side by himself. This would allow the client to put on and take off a tightened harness by himself.
Kaye Products 9822 (Medium) and 9824 (Large) Harnesses "riding up"

The riding up problem usually occurs with patients whose pelvis is tilted forward, have hip flexion contracture, or who have larger derrieres. To reduce or eliminate the riding up problem, the following steps should be taken:

  • Make sure the lowest buckles on the back of the harness are fastened below the lower curve of the buttocks.
  • A thin layer of foam placed between the harness and the clothing around the pelvis has proven effective at reducing or eliminating the problem.
  • Finally, the motion of walking contributes to movement of the harness. It may be necessary to readjust the harness while the client is standing after several minutes of walking.
  • The type of clothing being worn under the harness can contribute to riding up. Bulky, loose-fitting clothing or nylon jersey fabrics tend to create the problem. Tighter fitting cotton garments minimize it.
  • Some older models of the harnesses allow for adjustment of the height of the thigh cuffs. On these models, shorten the strap between the body harness and thigh cuff so that the thigh cuff is as high around the thigh as possible.
Kaye suspension harness for suspension walkers
ModelPelvic CircumferenceProduct weightWeight Limit of User
Small16" - 25"4 lbs.60 lbs.
Medium Slim18" - 28"4 lbs.60 lbs.
Medium24" - 35"6 lbs.200 lbs.
Large34" - 45"6 lbs.200 lbs.
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