Our unique commitment to service

Certified Assistive Technology Supplier with Two retail locations, doing business in the local community, for last 20 years.

We thrive on providing local service:

  • Offer a free professional rehab evaluation at our location or at your home.
  • Free delivery in our local service area.
  • Free product trials , please call us regarding any specific product demo you need.

The products we sell are not unique, you can buy them from any online store.

What is unique about Medicaleshop is the service and care we provide with every purchase.

Our online business is fully supported by our brick-and-mortar operations in New York and Connecticut.

Our objective is not just to sell you a product, but to make sure that it meets your needs and that you are completely satisfied with it.

Our experienced sales and customer service staff can help you with:

  • Choosing the right product
  • Choosing the right size
  • Installation (where necessary)
  • Training and support

We understand that buying medical products is not a happy experience.

Our aim to make your shopping experience as pleasant as it can be possible.

The idea is to add a little humanity to the business of health.

We encourage you call us and talk to our experienced and knowledgeable staff at any time during business hours.

Remember, Medicaleshop is with you all the way.