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Arjo Sara Flex Powered Standing and Raising Aid

SKU: AHHEB0000-01
Brand:  Arjo

Sara Flex is designed for patients and residents that are unable to mobilize without assistance, to make everyday transfer and care tasks easier.

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Arjo Sara Flex Powered Standing and Raising Aid

SKU: AHHEB0000-01
Brand:  Arjo

Sara Flex is designed for patients and residents that are unable to mobilize without assistance, to make everyday transfer and care tasks easier.


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Arjo Sara Flex Mobile Standing and Raising Aid

Arjo Sara Flex is a powered standing and raising aid which is designed to make everyday transfer and care tasks easier. Arjo Sara Flex can easily equips one caregiver with the ability to position a patient from a seated to a safe, secure and comfortable standing position, in one ergonomic movement.

  • Facilitating essential daily transfer and care tasks.
  • All starts from an optimised position from a secure sit-to-stand position.
  • Easy to use with enhanced manoeuvrability - Requires no adjustment & ensures ease of use
  • Optimised patient support - Promotes comfort and security throughout and at the completion of the sit-to-stand movement
  • Comprehensive patient coverage - Enables one caregiver to perform sit-to-stand tasks for a wide range of patients in the Carl mobility spectrum

Arjo Sara Flex - Caring is attention to detail

There are always the difference between comfort and pain, a calm patient or a frightened patient, a caregiver who work efficiently or a caregiver who always trying to catch up. When moving a patient from a sitting to a standing position, few details make all the difference. Arjo Sara Flex mobile standing and raising aid comes with a safe working load of 440 lbs., intended to assist caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and group homes and home care facilities to lift and transfer patients/residents from one place to another e.g.

  • To and/or from a chair
  • To and/or from a bed side
  • To and/or from a wheelchair
  • To and/or from a bath, shower/commode chair or toilet.

Sara Flex lift comes standard with:

  • Two batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Patient support handle

Arjo Sara Flex - Features & Benefits

Flexible silicone leg support

  • Requires no adjustment, the larger surface caters to the needs of a broader range of patients while delivering optimized comfort
  • Curved design with a larger, soft and flexible surface supports the legs and knees throughout the sit-to-stand movement

Flexible silicone leg strap

  • Low placement and multiple adjustment options
  • Enhanced adaptability for a broad range of body types and sizes
  • Ensures patients can be comfortably positioned from a seated-to-standing position

Easy-to-use hand control with display

  • Ensures the sit-to-stand task is quick, minimally exertive and hassle-free
  • Ensures caregivers can work closely with their patient and intuitively read weight or maneuver the lift

Caregiver handle

  • Flexible grip with intuitive ergonomic efficiency


Ergonomic forward movement

  • Enables an ergonomic and comfortable sit-to-stand movement
  • Forward movement, in combination with the flexible leg support

Small and light

  • Keeps Sara Flex at an optimal size that is non-intrusive and suited to the needs of patients that may otherwise be intimidated by bulky or cumbersome handling equipment
  • Designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, ensuring vulnerable patients remain calm during the sit-to-stand transfer

Low footplate with horizontal position

  • Facilitates an ergonomic sit-to-stand movement that is specifically designed to feel smooth and natural for the patient
  • Enables easy foot placement while supporting and enhancing the sit-to-stand movement

Patient handle

  • Easy-to-grasp and angled patient handle helps ensure comfortable positioning of hands, wrists and elbows throughout the sit-to-stand movement

Weight Capacity of Arjo Lift Slings

Sling use Disclaimer: Please note that we recommend only to use the recommended brand slings with your Patient lifts, we do not guarantee compatibility of other sling brands with your lift model.


Sara Flex powered standing and raising aid
Maximum safe working load 440 lbs.
Weighing capacity 440 lbs.
Weight 114.5 lbs.
Weight with scale 118 lbs.
Total length 39¼"
Minimum lifting height 39"
Maximum lifting height 59¾"
Total height 45¾"
Height of chassis 4"
External width legs closed 26"
External width legs open 40½"
Battery 24 V DC 4Ah
Lifter protection class IP24
Hand control protection class IPX7




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