Bath And Toilet Aids

Bath Accessories offer safety, comfort and convenience while in the shower or tub. They can assist bathroom mobility as patient can hold them and help keep them stable when standing on feet if and when needed. Bath Accessories includes- grab bars, hand held showers, tub rails, urinals and many more.
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Etac Fresh Bath Board - Secure Bath Bench

    Etac bath transfer board has friction linings for secure placement making it easy and safe for the user to transfer in over the bath.
    Earn 45 Points ($0.50)

    Etac Supporter Foldable Toilet Arm Supports with Rounded Hand Grips

    Etac Supporter arm supports are non-adjustable, foldable, and have comfortable rounded hand grips.
    Earn 169 Points ($1.70)

    Drive bath mat

      Earn 52 Points ($0.50)

      Drive sitz bath

        Earn 54 Points ($0.50)

        Drive toilet safety rail

          Earn 92 Points ($0.90)

          EZ-Bathe Body Washing Basin

          EZ-bathe body washing basin is easy to unroll and inflate, accommodates individuals up to 6'2" and fits on standard and hospital beds.
          Earn 339 Points ($3.40)

          EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Basin

            EZ-shampoo hair washing basin is comfortable and convenient, provides secure, form-fitting support that cushions the head & shoulders of the client.
            Earn 29 Points ($0.30)

            EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray

              For convenient shampooing while seated, the EZ-Shampoo tray is curved to accommodate the neck securely and rest on the client's shoulders.
              Earn 24 Points ($0.20)

              EZ-Shower Bedside Shower

                Earn 22 Points ($0.20)

                Carex Textured Wall Grab Bar


                  Cardinal Health Bath Grab Bar


                    Drive toilet safety frame

                      Earn 79 Points ($0.80)
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