Homecare Bed Accessories

Bed Accessories are durable medical equipment items used in combination with hospital bed. These are products used on or with hospital beds to simplify movement and activities in the bedroom. They assist care givers, nurses and patients to maintain comfort and safety while transferring or adjusting position. Bed accessories include products like- over bed tables, assist handles, wedges, pillow etc…
33 Products

Span America Heel Manager

Span America Heel Manager features shear transfer zone technology and reduces moisture and heat from the skin.
Earn 127 Points ($1.30)

Span America Risk Manager Fall Protection Safety Mat

Risk Manager is engineered from elastomeric gel compound commonly used in expensive orthotics and premium footwear.
Earn 173 Points ($1.70)

Comfort Company Halo Safety Ring

Earn 354 Points ($3.50)

Clinton H-base overbed table

    Earn 125 Points ($1.30)

    Clinton U-base overbed table

      Earn 125 Points ($1.30)

      Accora High Safety Fall Mat

      Accora High safety fall mat provides an analogous surface for residents to roll onto safely when used in conjunction with Accora Floorbed.
      Earn 549 Points ($5.50)

      Protekt Safety Foam Fall Mat

      Earn 40 Points ($0.40)

      Protekt Beveled Edge Fall Mat

      Earn 71 Points ($0.70)

      Protekt Basic Magnet Alarm

        Earn 27 Points ($0.30)

        Protekt Basic Chair and Bed Alarm Monitor

          Earn 29 Points ($0.30)

          Protekt Leg Elevator Wedge

          Earn 69 Points ($0.70)

          Protekt Roll Control Bolster

          Earn 109 Points ($1.10)
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          Select up to 4 items to compare.