Dressing Aids

Dressing aids provide independence to individuals who have limited mobility due to some medical condition or to the elderly. It can be challenging to dress and put on shoes if you have restricted reach, bending restrictions, or reduced dexterity. Products like the Shoehorn enable you to put on shoes without bending or stooping. Elastic shoelaces are designed to make slipping on or taking off a pair of shoes or sneakers easier without having to untie the laces. Sock and Stocking Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles helps individuals pull on socks or stockings. The Leg Lifter assists people with limited lower extremity strength to lift their legs and feet onto a wheelchair footrest, bed, or into a car.
35 Products

DMI Deluxe Sock Aid with 29" L Straps, White

    Earn 16 Points ($0.20)

    FabLife Dressing Aids for Sock Aid with Ridges

      Earn 38 Points ($0.40)

      Fablife Dressing Stick


        Medline Triangular Hamper Stand, 18 Inch

        Earn 258 Points ($2.60)

        Medline Soiled Linen Hamper with Foot Pedal

        Earn 122 Points ($1.20)

        Curved Grip Plastic Shoehorn, 17 Inch

          Earn 3 Points ($0.00)

          Medline Dressing Stick, 26 Inch

            Earn 7 Points ($0.10)

            Drive dressing stick with shoe horn

              Earn 55 Points ($0.60)

              Fablife Slip-on Dressing Aid, 19" Length

                Earn 44 Points ($0.40)

                Fablife Double Button Loop, 37" x 1" x 4"

                  Earn 102 Points ($1.00)

                  Fablife Rotating Button Loop/Zipper Pull

                    Earn 42 Points ($0.40)

                    Fablife Metal Shoehorn, Flexible, 24"

                      Earn 19 Points ($0.20)
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                      Select up to 4 items to compare.