Best quality reachers are designed for those with mobility impairments to accomplish daily tasks. Limited or reduced range of mobility or grip can make everyday tasks, like picking up an item that has fallen to the ground, reaching a tall shelf, bathing, taking clothes out of the wash, or putting on clothing difficult. Reachers with wrist support makes lifting items easier.
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FabLife Reaching aid, replacement suction cup only

    Earn 14 Points ($0.10)

    PikStik TelescoPik Adjustable Length Reacher

      Earn 24 Points ($0.20)

      PikStik Pro Reacher

        PikStik Pro Reacher is a multi-purpose reacher designed for maximum safety and increased gripping strength.
        Earn 23 Points ($0.20)

        PikStik Classic Reacher

          PikStik Classic Reacher is a perfect fit for the individuals with limited mobility, can pick items upto 5 lbs.
          Earn 17 Points ($0.20)

          E-Z Grabber Reaching Aid, Rotating Arm

            Earn 78 Points ($0.80)

            Carex Ultra Grabber Reaching Aid, 32", Rotates 90 Degrees

            Earn 218 Points ($2.20)

            Essential Medical Standard Reacher, 26" L

              Earn 29 Points ($0.30)

              Preston Pick-Up Reacher, 35-1/2", Extra Long

                Earn 75 Points ($0.80)

                Sammons Preston Reacher


                  FabLife Reaching aid, pistol grip, open jaw, 26 1/2", Red

                    Earn 36 Points ($0.40)

                    Drive Hand-Held Reacher

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                    Select up to 4 items to compare.