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Etac Swift Mobile shower commode chair

SKU: ET80229401
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Etac Swift Mobile shower commode chair features a unique seat that has a rear opening to give the carer easy access when assisting the user with personal care tasks. Swift mobile is a flexible attendant propelled shower commode chair which is easy to maneuver and can be customized to many different user needs. "Etac Easy Clean" friction pattern on the seat surface is unique and provides the perfect balance between friction and cleanliness.

Etac Swift Mobile chair is available with extra-soft seat cushions for sensitive users, that provides both support and comfortable relief. The soft and quick-drying backrest and the curved footrests increase user comfort.

Swift Mobile chair has a generous maximum user weight of 353 lbs. as standard and is height adjustable between 17" - 23". The armrests are height and width adjustable, 2" in each direction. The swing away footrests are height adjustable and are also offered in a shorter version, for example, when higher soft seats are used.


  • Seat with rear opening: Provides ease of access for the carer and comfort for the user. The unique surface, especially developed for Etac, has the perfect balance between friction and cleanliness, non-slip and hygienic!
  • Adjustable armrests as standard: Easily adapted to various user needs. Adjustable both in height and width, +/- 2" in each direction.
  • Adjustable backrest: Easily adjusted for posture, body shape and maximum comfort. Fitted with two fasteners around the pushbars. Soft and quick-drying material.
  • Ergonomic footrest: Curved footplates provide instep and arch support, ensures comfort, stability and relaxation.
Dimensions (inch)Swift Mobil-2Swift Mobil-2 XL Swift Mobil-24" -2 Swift Mobil Tilt -2
Length 36.61 36.61 41.73 40.94
Width 22.44/22.83/25.19 22.83/25.19/27.55 28.34 22.44/22.83/25.19
Seat Height 17.71 ꭍ 23.62 17.71 ꭍ 23.62 17.71 ꭍ 23.62 19.68 ꭍ 25.59
Back Height 19.68 19.68 19.68 19.68
Seat Depth 18.3 18.3 18.3 18.3
Back support height 8.268.26 8.26 9.84
Seat width 19.68 19.68 19.68 19.68
Armrest Height 8.66/9.84/11.02 8.66/9.84/11.02 8.66/9.84/11.02 8.66/9.84/11.02
Armrest to armrest 16.53/18.89/21.25 18.89/21.25/23.60 16.53/18.89/21.25 16.53/18.89/21.25
Footrest height 13.38 ꭍ 18.30 13.38 ꭍ 18.30 13.38 ꭍ 18.30 13.38 ꭍ 18.30
Height 37.40/43.30 37.40/43.30 37.40/43.30 39.37/45.27
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  • In case of Product containing batteries, the warranty period for the Batteries is One (1) Year.

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